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Our affiliate program is scheduled to start as soon as we become more pro-active, by contacting small brick & mortar businesses, inviting them to become either online affiliates or wholesale customers. Just Relax... ® recommends that when you are shopping for a spa affiliate program, that you consider only those affiliate spa programs sponsored by companies like ours, which manufacture their own products and provide their own services. Why? Because they have a vested interest in the success of their business and yours. Too many affiliate programs are technology schemes, whereby their only goal is to make money on the spread, or the difference between what they can earn by selling stuff they don't manufacture, don't have to pay for, and probably don't care much about. This is common with stores and online shops -- even spa shops -- that use the drop ship method. Because they don't manufacture anything, and since their web sites are usually owned and/or operated by a webmaster, who may own as many as five web sites, operating them part time at night, a human being will never be there to take your customers' calls. Everyone knows that when shoppers are ready to buy, if they have questions during the order process, if nobody is there to assist them, they will quit and shop elsewhere. Be wary of home spa product affiliate programs -- and all affiliate programs -- that pay higher than average commissions to attract affiliates, especially if they spend a bundle on advertising, since it's likely that they will get discouraged and quit on you. The reason your customers will want to buy from us, and not a drop shipper with an affiliate program, is that (a) because they operate on a very narrow profit margin, they generally won't take the time to provide good customer service; (b) our online retail prices are of 25% (on average) below MSR: manufacturer's suggested retail; (c) we offer free retail shipping; (d) we have free samples and lots of money saving promotions. The benefit to you will be more income from fewer clicks. In other words, a higher percentage of your site's visitors who click on our linked images will buy from us.

To be successful, choose a company that offers a product or service that your customers will be interested in. Don't have too many affiliate ads on your site, or you will confuse your readers, they will leave, and you will lose your ranking online.

Q: Who should apply?
A: We are interested in working with massage therapists, psychotherapists, stress relief and life coaches, yoga teachers, health club instructors, chiropractors, holistic medical doctors, and seasoned healers -- as well as webmasters whose sites offer services to relieve stress, insomnia, sleep apnea, depression and anxiety. We are also looking for online retail stores that sell all kinds of natural and organic products (even food); vitamins, herbs and other supplements; natural candles, soap and aromatherapy; bed and bath products; yoga products; clothing, such as natural fiber robes and upscale lingerie; and the services offered by hotels spas, day spas and yoga and centers -- just to name a few.

20% commission; one tier | 5% small orders bonus
residual income: lifetime commissions on reorders

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Below are questions & answers that you will want to / need to read
 if you are interested in becoming a member of our affiliate program:

                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

A. Getting Started

  1. What are the "must haves" of any good affiliate program? 
  2. Who can participate in your affiliate program?
  3. How much does it cost? Is there a fee?
  4. I don't have a website. Can I apply anyway?
  5. Why your affiliate program and not another one?
  6. Do I need to provide you with any documents?
  7. Do I need to do something before I get started?
  8. I'm anxious to get started. Can I apply now?
  9. Is there anything that I need to agree to first?

B. Advertising & Promotion

  1. Where can I get your links & linked images?
  2. Can I create my own links and images?
  3. Can I use email or newsletters to promote your site?
  4. Can I link to your site from my ezine or blog?
  5. Can I stream MP3s of your music from my site?
  6. Does keyword advertising work? Did it help you?                                   
  7. Are there keywords that I cannot or may not use?
  8. May I bid on keywords for advertising purposes?
C. Getting Paid

  1. What can I expect to earn?
  2. Can you give me an example?
  3. How frequently will I get paid?
  4. How will you keep track of my customers' sales?
  5. Do I get paid just once when a customer buys?
  6. Will I get paid on everything that you manufacture?
  7. How can I qualify to receive residual income?
  8. Will you pay me the same percentage on reorders?
  9. Can I request merchandise instead of cash?
  10. You offer free shipping. How will that affect me?
  11. What if an order is shipped outside the US?
  12. Will I also get paid on phone orders?

D. Other / Misc | Termination | Vacation

  1. What happens if I break the rules?
  2. How do I qualify for the 5% year end bonus?
  3. As the manufacturer, why don't you pay more?
  4. Do you reimburse for advertising expense?
  5. Why a one tier program rather than two tiers?
  6. Will your cart track my sales 365 days a year?
  7. What if retail shopper turns into wholesale account?
  8. Do affiliate programs really work? Go to articles


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  11 "must haves" of any good affiliate program  

  1. Product or service is in demand now.
  2. Product or service will be in demand in the future.
  3. Product or service solves a problem.
  4. It is something that people are passionate about.
  5. Lots of people are interested in product or service.
  6. There are recurring commissions for the service.
  7. Commissions are paid on product reorders.
  8. Promotions & trial sizes get shoppers to try them.
  9. Company or individual has a good reputation.
  10. Products are consumable (used up and reordered).
  11. Commissions are attractive.

Q: Who can participate in your affiliate program?
A: Almost anyone. Sites will be disqualified if they promote sexually explicit material, violence, illegal activities or discrimination based on sex, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age -- to name a few. They will also be disqualified if they originate in countries like Nigeria, where we don't ship our merchandise because of credit card fraud, or countries where importing aromatherapy and other products is restricted. All sites are subject to approval.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: There is no charge to become our affiliate. We will not pay you to become an affiliate, nor will we pay anyone to enroll affiliates for us, unless we choose to advertise for a marketing consultant.

Q: What can I expect to earn?
A: A flat 20%. Since we have always offered our retail customers free shipping, which is a huge incentive to shop with us at retail, because we cannot afford to reprogram our shopping cart, or change our images, because we are actually paying you commissions on shipping, which was included in the retail prices of our products when we went online in 2002, we have to keep our commissions at an average rate.

Q: You offer free shipping. How will that affect me?
A: It won't affect you. We will still pay you 20% on the order. See question above.

Q: What if an item is shipped outside the US?
A: We offer free shipping on small, light weight items worldwide, as well as free shipping for items shipped within the Cont US, AK, HI, APO/FPO, US protectorates and Canada, and a $10 international shipping promotion on our heavier items, such as our home spa kits. Customer pays the balance. Since most of our customers' orders are domestic, and we charge the balance of the international shipping separately, you will still receive 20% commission on the order.
Q: How frequently will I be paid?
A: As is the case with our drop ship customers, we review sales and pay quarterly. If you need your money sooner, as long as your account balance is at least $150, we will be able to accommodate you.

Q: Will I get paid on everything that is for sale on your website?
A: No, not everything. Since we also feature items on our site that we offer exclusively to our wholesale customers, you will only get paid on those items that are available for sale to our retail customers, that have a "buy it now" buttons next to the products, whereby the sale can be processed through our shopping cart, which gives us your code, informing us that a sale was made as a result of your efforts. 

Q: Do I need to provide you with anything special?
A: Yes, all US based affiliates must either have a US Social Security number or a US Taxpayer ID number. That can be accomplished by email or over the phone. International affiliates, please contact us.

Q: Do I need to do anything special to get paid?
A: Yes. Please set up a verified business PayPal account, to keep track of your business income and expenses, and so that we can remit payment to you. We do not mail checks, unless your total commissions for the quarter is $250.00 or more. If you live in a foreign country where PayPal is unreliable, contact us to make other arrangements.

Q: Can I receive merchandise instead of cash as payment?
A: Sure, just let us know what you want and we will send it to you. The value of the merchandise will be based on our retail (not wholesale) prices. You will pay for the shipping. You will not be permitted to resell the merchandise on your site, unless you are also a wholesale or drop ship customer. Before we ship, you will agree in writing not to list the goods on eBay or any other auction or discount site.

Q: Can I link to your site from my blog or ezine article?
A: Yes, as long as the ezine or blog is yours, not someone else's, it is well written, and the information that you provide is current and it has merit in our opinion. When the information becomes obsolete, whereby it has little or no intrinsic value to the public, and it is obvious to us that your blog or ezine was solely designed as a money maker, we will contact you to re-evaluate your eligibility in our program. 

Q: I don't have a website. Can I apply to your affiliate program?
A: No, unfortunately, you must have a website to become an affiliate. That way, our tracking software will be able to keep track of your sales. If you don't have a website, you can still earn commissions with us through our referral program.

Q: Why your product category and not something else?
A: The day spa and hotel spa industry (the last time we checked) was an eight billion dollar business. Most high income individuals still prefer getting their luxury treatments at hotel spas and day spas. Busy middle to low income individuals are looking for new ways to treat themselves at home to save time and money. The trend of at home spa type treatments has increased dramatically as vacations have become less affordable. Sales of spa type products like ours, designed for at-home use, have exploded.

Q: Why your affiliate program and not someone else's?
A: We realize that there are other sites with spa type products and affiliate programs paying the same or more than we do. But their products won't have our guarantees, most are watered down or diluted so that the volume appears to be greater, and many of their spa products are manufactured is in China, where health and safety standards are non-existent. It's your choice. You can link your customers to a spa products' affiliate program that makes you a few more cents per order, or you can link them to our site, to receive the highest quality spa type products available, that actually do what they're supposed to do. 

Q: Do I get paid just once when a customer buys something?
A: No. We will keep your customers' names on file, and pay you every time one of your customers buys from us again. We will continue to pay you for orders and reorders indefinitely, on our products and services, as long as your site is online, and you are participating with our affiliate program. This scenario is called residual income. Residual means reoccurring. You sell something once and get paid indefinitely. You will have most of the benefits of network marketing with none of the hassles or the start up expenses. Although our commissions may not be as high as some other companies' affiliate programs, you will continue to get paid indefinitely on your customers' reorders. This is common with services, where they have no manufacturing costs, but very unusual with product sales. Where a high percentage of our customers reorder, it is likely that you will earn substantially more with us over time. Caution: Do not be misled by other affiliate programs that say that they offer residual income as result of their cookies lasting for 30, 60, 90 days or a lifetime. Why? Reorders will almost never occur as a result of customers returning to your site and linking through to ours to reorder. They will go directly to our URL to reorder, making our affiliate recordkeeping far more complex than most.

Q: Will you pay me the same percentage on customer reorders as you did on the first order?
A: Yes, for the first six months that our affiliate program is online. After that time, we will evaluate our affiliate program, and our ability to continue to pay you at the same rate indefinitely, which is our goal.

Q: What do I need to do to receive commissions on reorders indefinitely?
A: You make a sale and you get paid on that customer's future orders indefinitely. That's called residual income. Obviously, we can't allow everyone to make one sale, sit back, and reap the rewards indefinitely. To qualify to receive residual income, you will need to send us just one new customer per year, and you cannot order something yourself, for yourself or someone else.

Q: Can I stream samples of your music on my web site?
A: Yes, if you are a member of our affiliate program, and you request permission in writing, and we grant you permission in writing. As long as the music is no more than two minutes in length, and as long as it cannot be downloaded by others. To receive 3 MP3 files, that we have on our Just Relax... CD benefits web page, please contact us.

Q: Where do I get the links and/or linked images to add to my site?

A: We will provide you with all of the links and images. They can be accessed on our site once you have been admitted to our affiliate program.

Q: Can I create my own link?
A: No, you may not create your own links. We do not authorize the creation and use of your own links and images to promote our products and services.

Q: Can I use email or newsletters to promote your affiliate program?
A: No, since our tracking software links from your site to ours. But you will be able to advertise our site and our products (with our permission in writing, of course) as part of our referral program.

Q: How will you keep track of how much business I am sending you?
A: We signed up with a popular US based affiliate program tracking software company, that does all the work for us, designed for small business like ours. They are responsible for tracking and reporting all activity that links from your site to ours. Each link has a special tracking code that records when a customer has clicked through to our site and purchased from us.

Q: I am allowed to bid on keywords for search advertising purposes?
A: Yes, with permission in writing from us, depending upon which company you plan to use, as long as we are not currently advertising with them ourselves, or intend to do so in the very near future. Your ad may not contain our company name: Gail Seymour, Gail Seymour Productions, Inc. / GSPI, Just Relax, or our trademarks: Just Relax...®, Stress Relief ® or Sleep Naturally™.

Q: Are there any keywords that I cannot use?
A: You may not advertise the following keywords or combination of keywords: speaker pillow(s), stereo speaker pillow(s) or any other combination of keywords used to describe the merchandise on our speaker pillows web page without first contacting us. We will need to obtain approval of your site from the manufacturer.

Q: Does keyword advertising work?
A: It might work for you, although it hasn't ever worked for us. We did extensive keyword advertising in the past, several different times over the last ten years that we've been in business, with and We listed our products on for many years as well. We even had a store on We advertised in Massage Magazine and Inspired Retailer Magazine. We have always spent far more than we earned with click through keyword and magazine advertising. Therefore, In our opinion, based on experience, keyword advertising is not a viable option for our product category. This information is meant to inform / help you, not discourage you.

Q: What happens if I break the rules?
A: Affiliates who knowingly and intentionally disregard our guidelines will be terminated immediately. All commissions earned, which have not been paid during the period under dispute, are subject to forfeiture. Before you get started we will ask you to put in writing that you have read and that you understand our guidelines. If there is anything that you do no understand at any time, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Q. Will I also get paid on phone orders?
A. Unfortunately, no. When we enter the info for our customers who call us to order by phone, we bypass our cart. And since the tracking software for your account is on the last page of our cart, there's no way for us to determine how that customer found us in order to pay you. In other words, we can only pay you on those orders that are processed through our cart that link through from your site. Keep in mind that when someone pays us using PayPal, even though they leave our cart, there is a link on our PayPal account that automatically returns the shopper to our cart. In other words, your sale won't get dropped.

Q: How do I qualify for the 5% year-end bonus?
A: The bonus is based on the types of items that your customers purchased for the calendar year, Jan thru Dec -- which we will do in January of the following year -- to determine whether a very high percentage of your sales were for our less expensive items, priced at between $20 and $30. If that was the case, since we are unable to make changes to the "off the shelf" affiliate software that we lease -- we will pay you an extra 5% on gross sales for the year, as long as your total combined sales volume -- on new business and reorders -- was at least $150.00. We are doing this because our focus, starting in the fall of 2012, will be on yoga studios, which will need an incentive to enroll, since their students will probably be buying our lower priced merchandise.

Q: As the manufacturer, why don't you pay more?
A: We have been offering free shipping since 2002; and although our shipping expenses have increased dramatically since then, we have not passed on our increased costs on to our customers, since 2006, in the way of higher retail prices. What that means to you is that our earnings are considerably less than they were back then, making it difficult for us to pay you any more than we are offering you already, without raising our retail prices. That won't work in this economy. If we were a service business, that had relatively low expenses and repeat monthly income, like a utility (phone or electric), then we would be able to pay you more. Surveys indicate that affiliate commissions of 12% to 15% are average. Our commissions, paid at 20% is above average.

Q: Do you reimburse for advertising expense?
A: If you are doing a bang up job, by sending us lots of business, we will gladly consider it. But first, you must prove to us that you've got the right stuff, by driving customers to our door, as evidenced by an analysis of your first two quarters of sales, and we'll be more than happy to discuss it.

Q: Why a one tier program and not two?
A: Like the network marketing craze of thirty years ago, two tier affiliate programs have become known for enticing or exciting people into spending their time enrolling others, building networks where nobody sells anything, and where nobody ultimately makes any money. A one tier affiliate program leaves our affiliates no other option but to use their expertise to determine how best to drive shoppers to our site. Therefore, in our opinion, a one tier affiliate program is the best use of our time, energy and money -- and yours. 

Q: Is there anything that I need to agree to first?
A: Yes, you will need to commit to an exclusive arrangement with us in the home spa category. The reason being that we cannot compete price wise with most of the spa type products online, most of which are made in China. We will check your site from time to time. If we find products on your site that are very similar to ours, we will write to you, giving you ten days to remove them, after which time we will shut down your affiliate status with our company, and you will automatically forfeit all commission that may be due you for the quarter. We regret having to do this, but there are too many inferior, cheap home spa kits / spa gift sets in the marketplace today, and too many silk eye pillows that retail for about $5.

Q: Will your cart track my sales 365 days a year?
A: No. We are a small business with a very limited staff. Once every few years, usually in the spring, we go abroad for 3 to 4 weeks for business and pleasure. During that time we close our cart and our business; and although our site will still be online, we will shut down our cart, meaning that we will not process any retail orders or take any wholesale phone orders. We will keep you apprised of all cart closures 4 to 6 weeks in advance of our travel plans. We will not advise you of any potential shipping delays due to foul weather, however, as our cart will still be open.

Q: What happens when a retail shopper turns into a wholesale account? Will you still pay me?
A: Yes, as long as they place at least one small retail order with us. That way, we can track / be sure that they found us as a result of your efforts. When they switch to wholesale status, you will receive a ten percent (10%) referral fee on all of their wholesale orders indefinitely (residual income). Since wholesale orders ($100 minimum) are almost always larger than retail orders ($9 minimum), you will earn more money overall.


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