Stress Relief Aromatherapy Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Stress Relief aromatherapy
is a spicy citrus essential oil synergy blend of 99.9% pure, imported essential oils of bergamot, patchouli, blood orange, ylang ylang and grapefruit. This special blend
provides a convenient, effective method of applying aromatherapy for the therapeutic short-term relief of stress. Because our standard Stress Relief bottles are neat / undiluted / full-strength, although you may wish to inhale the oils directly from the bottle, do not apply neat oils directly to the skin. Dilute by adding 5 to 10 drops of oil to your bath water, mix with an unscented body lotion (without mineral oil), use with a diffuser or facial steam, or add to an atomizer (spray bottle) containing alcohol. Although vodka is more expensive, it is odorless and easier on the skin. Dilute with water to create an all natural, non-toxic air freshener. Also see 9 ml roll-on bottle. For more info, promotions, money-saving offers and gift ideas, please visit our main aromatherapy web page: Stress Relief aromatherapy.

1.85 ml = 1/2 dram amber vial   Mini pipette

Stress Relief note cards

  • Free travel size vial w/ any size bottle: 1 ml empty amber vial, orifice reducer, black cap, mini pipette.
  • Free gift pouch, white organza, with purchase of aromatherapy tri-pak (below). Supplies are limited.
  • For more info, promotions, money-saving offers & gift ideas:
  • Buying a gift? Order a full color, two ply note card, matching white envelope: $1.75, or aromatherapy note card: $4.50. Min order this site: $9. See notecards

Stress Relief Aromatherapy Essential Oil Synergy Blend; 5 ml = 1/6 oz bottle Stress Relief Aromatherapy Essential Oil Synergy Blend; 10 ml = 1/3 oz bottle Stress Relief Aromatherapy Essential Oil Synergy Blend; roll-on bottle

The 9 ml roll-on is a 50% dilution: 4.5 ml essential oils in 4.5 ml organic grapeseed oil. We offer this dilution so that you can apply the oils directly to your skin safely. The 5 ml (1/6 oz) and 10 ml (1/3 oz) sizes are neat / undiluted.

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Aromatherapy tri-pak; 1 vial each: Just Relax, Stress Relief, Deep Sleep

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1 ml Just Relax...® | 1 ml Stress Relief | 1.85 ml Deep Sleep ® 

Free gift w/ Tri-Pak: white organiza pouch; supplies are limited. To read text on cards, click here

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The vials that we are using now are wider and shorter to accommodate the orifice reducer.

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