Washable Pre-Shrunk Cotton Batik Eye / Facial Pillows  
Aromatherapy Optional | Organic Flax Seeds
disposable natural cotton gauze liners

Aromatherapy pillows, washable cotton batik, organic flax seeds; with Just Relax, Stress Relief or Sleep Naturally aromatherapy.

Just Relax ® | Stress Relief  | Sleep Naturally ® | Fabric Options: Colors & Prints

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Aromatherapy pillows are a convenient way to apply essential oils to your face without drying your skin. Our aromatherapy pillows are made in the USA from pre-shrunk, color fast, imported, hand dyed, 100% cotton batik fabric. Use pillow for aromatherapy (optional) application or as a warm-cool sinus pack. Each aromatherapy pillow is filled with 8 ounces of organic brown flax seed -- not plant materials, such as dried flowers or twigs, which are lumpy and lose their fragrance quickly. For aromatherapy application, some assembly is required. One amber vial of one of our 3 aromatherapy / essential oil formulas is included with each pillow set sold at retail to keep the oils fresh until you are ready to use them (see application) in the eye pillow, bath, or to scent your house. The cutout for the nose, hook & loop side opening, and zig-zag top stitching -- as well as the fact that they are sewn in the USA -- make our aromatherapy pillows more expensive than most to manufacture. We have not increased the retail prices of our aromatherapy pillows since 2002, although the cost of flax seeds continues to soar, as does cotton. Since we buy from various batik manufacturers, the weight of the fabric will vary somewhat. Free shipping: Cont US, AK, HI, PR, APO/FPO, US protectorates. We will deduct $5.00 from the shipping cost to all other countries -- see international shipping promotion -- or we will mail the pillow cases only (no seeds), to dramatically reduce the shipping weight and cost. Hopefully, you will be able to buy the dark brown flax seeds pictured above in your country at a natural grocers.

  Free Organza Pouch 

Buying a gift? If so, please answer "yes" to these two questions in our cart: "Is this a gift?" and "Is this a special order?" You will receive an organza ribbon drawstring pouch; light blue or orange-green. We will match the pouch color to the pillow fabric color. Free with purchase; suppplies are limited. Option: Free white pillow gift box. Also see blue organza bag, silver embroidery, cords, tassles; blue beads: $3.50 

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gauze liners
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                  Power Nap Kit  

Aromatherapy pillow + 1 ml vial Just Relax ® or 1 ml vial Stress
Relief  or 1.85 ml vial Sleep Naturally ® + mini pipette + Just Relax...
CD. Select 1 of the 3 oil blends. Write your preference in our cart.

Purchased separately: $37.95 | Together: $27.95 | Free shipping
Gift pouch (blue, beaded, embroidered): $3.50 | Note Card: $1.75


   Buying a Gift? 

If you're shopping for a little gift that will make a lasting impression, and you have a very small budget, see our aromatherapy note cards: Just Relax ®, Stress Relief, Sleep Naturally ® -- $3.50 to $6.00 each. For more links to our product web pages, with gift items in the $15-20 range, free shipping, contact us

The pillow is packed in a breathable polypropylene bag. Do not store pillow in a polyethylene (ordinary plastic) bag, or the seeds may sprout as moisture collects inside the bag. An instructions card is inside the bag.

Wholesale Customers
If we have the eye pillows that you prefer on hand, and your order is fairly small, we will be able to fill it relatively quickly. If your order is more than 12 pillows of the same fabric, since we sew, fill and package them on an "as needed" basis locally, we will have them made for you, using the fabric of your choice, as long as it is in stock. If there is a print or color scheme that we do not carry, let us know, and if time permits, we will special order the fabric for you. More wholesale info.

Day Spas, Salons, Massage Therapists
We have disposable 100% cotton gauze pillow liners. We LOVE the pillows, Gail Thanks for the speedy delivery. Calvert Thompson, Owner, Calvert Rejuvenations Spas, Virginia. She purchased 19 pillows; some to use as treatments in her spa and the rest to sell in her gift shop. We are proud to state that nobody has ever contacted us to return or exchange one of our aromatherapy eye pillows for any reason whatsover, although we offer a 30 day guarantee. That's the best testament there is about our quality.

  • Just Relax ® Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
  • 1 pillow; 1.00 ml amber vial aromatherapy
  • Our std / retail info cards are solid / plain
  • Yellow card printed on 1 side in black ink
Buying an aromatherapy pillow as a gift?
Just Relax note card, white envelope
White pillow gift box. Shipping is extra. 
Royal embroidered beaded organza pouch

Just Relax... aromatherapy eye pillow, washable cotton batik, organic flax seeds          
Sugg retail: $24 | Our price: $18 | Free shipping | Fabric options | Storage jar |

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Just Relax ® aromatherapy opt facial / eye pillow
Just Relax ® aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blend
US Trademark Reg. No. 3,444,945 | Category 03

wave design batik fabric swatch  
wave pattern replaced sea urchins | sunflower motif: opt pillow fabric

Fabric Options: Colors & Prints

4, 6, 7 below: buy on this page. For more options: contact us. Current fabric choices all on 1 page: catalog. We inventory a small quantity of our assembled eye pillows in one fabric motif at a time. Seeds sprout in moist heat; they need to be refrigerated. For large orders of 1 fabric motif: allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Fabric: Is it organic?
The hand made batik fabric that we use is seasonal, meaning that the prints change frequently. And although the white cotton fabric used to make the batik prints are not certified oganic, because the cloth was boiled in scalding hot water 3 to 5 times, to set the colors and remove the wax -- meaning that the cloth was boiled and rinsed after each color application -- if there was any pesticides used to grow the plants, it is unlikely that there is any remaining in the fabric. Fact: No other company that manufactures eye pillows spends as much money on quality luxury fabric as we do ... and it shows!!

If you need fabric swatches before ordering, contact us. To see our current fabric selection, click on the links above. Custom batik fabric with your logo, print or color scheme. Example: ribbons design. Min: 50 yards. Availability: 3 to 6 months. Need it faster? See embroidery.

  • Stress Relief Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
  • 1 pillow; 1.00 ml amber vial aromatherapy
  • Our std / retail info cards are solid / plain
  • Beige info card printed 1 side in black ink
Buying an aromatherapy pillow as a gift?
Stress Relief note card, white envelope 
White pillow gift box; shipping is extra 
Royal embroidered beaded organza pouch

Stress Relief aromatherapy eye pillow, washable cotton batik, organic flax seeds          

 Sugg retail: $24 | Our price: $18 | Fabric options | Free shipping | Storage jar |
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Stress Relief aromatherapy opt facial / eye pillow
Stress Relief aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blend

Aromatherapy Application
Remove the flax seed from the pillow and place it into a sealed container. A tightly capped glass jar is best. Open one of the vials provided. Add half of the amber vial of Just Relax ® or Stress Relief aromatherapy blend into the jar of seeds. Use all of the amber vial of Sleep Naturally ®. Allow the oil to penetrate into the seeds for 10 to 12 hours. Keep out of direct sunlight, away from heat. Shake the jar several times so that the oil will absorb evenly into the seeds; that way the fabric will not be stained. Using a large funnel, replace the seeds into the pillow. If you don’t have a funnel, roll up a piece of clean white typing paper. To refresh the pillow with more oil, follow these simple instructions again. To change the oil blend, buy brown, not golden (too soft) flax seeds, and repeat.

  • Sleep Naturally ® Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
  • 1 pillow; 1.85 ml amber vial aromatherapy
  • Our std / retail info cards are solid / plain
  • Green info card printed 1 side in black ink
Buying an aromatherapy pillow as a gift?
Sleep Naturally note card, white envelope
White pillow gift box. Shipping is extra.
Royal embroidered beaded organza pouch

Sleep Naturally aromatherapy eye / facial pillow          
Sugg retail: $24 | Our price: $18 | Fabric options | Free shipping | Storage jar |

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Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy optional facial / eye pillow
Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blend
US Trademark Reg. No. 5,063,287 | International category 03

Our inventory of eye pillows with the multi blue fabric above is low.
As soon as we run out, will ship the denim blue swirl fabric above.

If the pillow that you ordered is blue or green, and we're out of the fabric you ordered, a different blue, green or blue-green print may be substituted without prior written notice (retail only).

  Disposable cotton gauze liners 

Natural disposable cotton gauze liners for aromatherapy facial / eye pillows          
Light weight / breathable; for therapists, day spas & salons. 25 ivory cotton (not organic)
 gauze 1-ply disposable liners + a roll of 100 heavy duty clear glue dots | FPL-NAT: $7.50 

Minimum retail order on this site: $9.00 | Free shipping
Wholesale customers, please contact us

Pillow Liners
The edges are raw / not stitched to save you money. Loose open weave; breathable; 100% cotton; single ply. Attach liner to pillow with double sided tape or glue dots; we can provide. For day spas, resort hotels, massage therapists and various health professionals. Included is a strip of sticky glue dots; 4 dots per pillow liner, to temporarily affix the liner to one side of the pillow. Wholesale: More gauze fabric colors that match our pillows are: buttercup, fern, chambray, sage, tobacco, white, and ivory / natural (in stock). Note: Dyed fabric / colors costs twice as much as ivory and white.

   Eye / facial  pillow storage jar   
To qualify for free shipping, jar must ship with aromatherapy pillow set,
power nap kit or home spa kit: $2.50 | Fishnet drawstring bag: $2.50

Empty PET jar  for aromatherapy facial / eye pillow; cobalt bottom, white cap          

What is Batik?
Batik fabric is an art form that is widely-recognized in India, Indonesia, Africa and parts of Egypt. Translated the word means "drawing with wax" and "tiny dots." Batik is a labor-intensive, hand-dying process. There are three steps: (1) a wax resist is applied to the fabric; the wax design is hand-stenciled or hand-stamped; (2) the fabric is dyed; (3) the wax is removed by boiling the fabric in hot water. If the design is intricate and there are many colors, more than one process is used, and there are several dying steps. Because the fabric is boiled to melt the wax, hand-dyed fabric is pre-shrunk. When salt is used as the resist instead of wax, the fabric may have vivid bursts of color, a watercolor effect, or stripes. We use 100% cotton batik fabric from Indonesia and India that have loose, irregular patterns and tiny dots. We like to imagine that the decorative fabric carries the life force energy or good vibrations of the spiritual people (primarily men) from India and Bali who make it. For information about the type of batik we use, not our suppliers, please contact us.

Why Cotton?
We use only 100% cotton because it's a natural fiber, soft to the touch, it's washable and very durable. Most aromatherapy pillows (not ours) are made of silk or rayon. We think they look flimsy, meaning that they don't hold their shape and/or they shrink when washed -- if they're washable at all, which is unlikely. Many cotton eye pillows are made of coarse, inexpensive cotton, used for making patchwork quilts. Some have unattractive patterns that are either too cute or too busy / men won't use them, and colors that are too bright or patterns that are too busy / not restful. Quilting fabric, most of which is not imported, is relatively inexpensive -- about half the price of imported hand-dyed cotton. The weave is too loose, and it is scratchy against the face. With some (but not all) of our dark batik eye pillows, because more dying time is needed to create a dark print from white cloth, the fabric may be stiff (not scratchy). If you want our dark pillows to be softer, wash them first. See washing instructions.

Custom Orders:

 Machine embroidery | Washable fabric paint | Custom hand dyed fabric
  • We can embroider your logo onto one side of our of our pillows affordably and in low quantities.
  • Making a stencil and using a brush to apply washable fabric paint is one option to embroidery.
  • A metal stamp or chop is made. Your design or logo is the print. Min 60 yards; delivery 3-6 mo.
  • Two piece cotton strap w/ hook & loop or snap closure so that the eye pillows will stay in place.

  Buying a gift?  
       Glossy white cardboard pillow box for aromatherapy facial / eye pillow        6 x 9" royal organza beaded gift pouch; silver embroidery & tassles
       Return / exchange | Special order; contact us       6 x 9" royal organza pouch, blue beads, silver
                                                                                embroidery, cords & tassels: $3.50

Washing Instructions
Wash the pillow separately. Remove the seeds first. Use a mild soap without bleach for delicate fabrics. Use cold, warm or hot water; the fabric is pre-shrunk. Air dry; iron if necessary.
Warm or Cool Application
For soothing warmth applied to the face, remove the pillow from the reusable poly bag. Heat the pillow in the microwave for 30 seconds or less. Do not overheat seeds. For soothing moist heat, lightly spray mist the pillow with water before heating. Try pillow as a cool pack to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Put pillow into plastic freezer bag. Place into freezer for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove pillow from freezer bag; place on your face. It should be comfortable, not ice cold.

Store pillow in our reusable moisture barrier / vapor barrier polypropylene bag, tape closed, or put into clean jar. Do not store pillow with essential oils in plastic food bags. Oils will break down the plastic over time. Keep seeds away from sunlight, heat and moisture, or they will sprout.


Our Just Relax... ® and Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy / essential oil formulas should not be used by pregnant women. Do not use aromatherapy if you are nursing. Do not use our aromatherapy pillows with children or allow your children to play with our pillows; they could choke on the seeds. If they ingest the aromatherapy, flush several times with water. Not intended to prevent, treat or cure any illness or health condition.
For more info about our essential oil synergy blends, go to our aromatherapy page.


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