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If you intend to keep our home spa kits / spa gift sets on hand for a while, please refer to the storage instructions on the back of the Aromatherapy Pillow info card. The instructions below are for (a) our wholesale customers who want to save on shipping costs, (b) our wholesale customers ordering our kits on our "buy 4 get free shipping" promotion, and (c) our retail customers ordering our kits on our "buy 4 get 1 free" promotion. Not intended for our retail or drop ship customers ordering 1 or 2 kits.


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Prepare the box

Gable Box

Pop open the flattened cardboard box. Hook the two bottom panels together. Using wide packing tape (clear or brown), tape the inside (not the outside) of the box to strengthen it. It is not necessary to tape the box (we don't), unless you're adding more weight to the box. Caution: If you intend to add a product to the gable box, a candle that is larger than ours, or anything that would add more than 4 ounces to the weight of the spa kit, the box provided will not suffice. You will need a corrugated gable box or a market tray. See spa kit upgrades / special order; contact us. Update 6/13: We were fortunate to purchase a supply of 8 oz cobalt votives -- real cobalt / not painted -- at a great price. If you order them at retail or at wholesale, to upgrade our spa kits, or if you get them as a retail promotion, instead of a 2 oz jar or a 4 oz votive, you will definitely need to tape both the outside and the inside of the bottom of the gable box with extra heavy packing tape.

Fill the box

Aromatherapy Pillow

Do not open or dispose of the protective clear poly bag. Without the heat seal on the bag in tact, we cannot and will not accept the spa kit for return or exchange. Place the pillow into the gable box with the label facing upward and the instruction card facing downward. The card should be lying flat against the bottom of the box. Gently press the corners of the card down to strengthen the box. If you intend to keep the kits on hand for a while, refer to the storage instructions on the pillow info card.

Spring-Fill ®
Open the bag of crinkle box fill (if one is provided). Add a 1/2” layer of fill to the box, filling the corners.

Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt
Put the burlap bag with a silver oval label: "Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt, Pure, Unscented" into the gable box. Do not remove the clear bag unless you intend to keep the spa kit. If removed, the entire spa kit may not be returned or exchanged. Place the flat jute bag into the box horizontally, with the silver oval label facing up and the info card facing down.

Just Relax… CD
Take the CD out of the padded envelope (if one is provided). Save the envelope; you may want to return or exchange the CD only, or the entire spa kit. Put the CD into the gable box. Do not remove the CD shrink wrap or the entire kit may not be exchanged or returned. The CD will be standing upright, with the back cover of the CD leaning up against / facing the back inside wall of the box, almost touching the bottom. Push the seeds in the aromatherapy facial pillow aside if necessary for a perfect fit.

Add a 1" layer of crinkle box fill

Aromatherapy Synergy Blend
Do not remove any of the packaging. Place the sealed bubble bag, which protects the bottle (and the rest of the kit in case of minor leakage), into the gable box. Lie the bottle(s) down. If the bubble bag is opened or removed to inspect the bottle, to make sure it's the proper formula, the aromatherapy can still be exchanged, as long as the tamper evident safety seal on the bottle cap, or the tamper evident label on the roll-on bottle caps, have not been broken.

Information Cards
There will be one or more information cards. If there are 3 cards, they will be packed in a clear self seal poly bag. You may inspect the cards and reseal the bag. Insert the packet upright with the printed side facing into the box. The cards should be in front of and supported by the CD.

Soy Candle / Dead Sea Mud
Place the soy jar candle (2 oz or 4 oz) and the bag of Just Mud (if provided) into the box. Do not remove the clear bag(s), if provided. If bags are removed, items not be returned or exchanged.
Add the rest of the crinkle box fill
Using the remainder of the packing material, fill the box to capacity – not too full, or you will have difficulty closing the box top; it will bulge. 

Add the card

Remember to insert our matching note card, either inside the box before you close it, or on top of the box, covering the label, only if you're using a shipping box. Caution: Take care with repeatedly opening and closing the box top. Manipulating it may damage the box. We have 15 note cards altogether, suitable for most occasions. To view our large format images,
click on the note cards banner below:

Note cards included with our home spa kits; n/c.

Close the box

Holding the two sides of the box together, push the two matched notches on the top left side of the box into the diamond shaped cutout at the left. Repeat this process to close the right side. To close the box top, with the front of the box, label facing you, push the cutout at the back top of the box top through to the front, creating a flap. Fold the flap upward, forming a handle. The handle will not stay closed unless you tie or glue it, which we did in our photos. Note: If you glue the handle shut, you may not return or exchange the spa kit. Packaging change: As we replentish our gable box inventory, the new boxes will have a tab at the top (see arrow).

You’re done!

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