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Sleep CD: Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep by Gail Seymour. Front cover (c) 2002-2010; all rights reserved.
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     The comments below are by Gail Seymour, producer / narrator, JR-CD.

Version I of Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD was produced on audiocassette in 1982 by Gail Seymour and Gary Houston, and sold through two California-based transpersonal psychology association journals, as well as the International Learning Institute and Mind Fitness International. It was the introduction to an intuitive decision making / creativity in business / whole-brain thinking educational program titled "The Perfect Boss," developed by our company, IDEAS: Intuition Development Executive Achievement Seminars. The foundation and theme of the program was that you can't get into "right-brain" creative activities while you're thinking about or performing "left-brain" linear activities or if you're stressed.

When only a small percentage of the psychologists, psychiatrists, college administrators, nurses and others, who agreed to evaluate our program actually did so, we wondered why our response was so low. When we called them to press the matter, we learned that only one in twelve people were actually able to  -- forced themselves to -- stay awake until the end of the program in order to give us their feedback. When we finally understood that we had a sleep aid, and not just another stress management / relaxation title, we weren't sure how to speak about our program, so we didn't. 

In 1989 I was interested in finding a publisher to get Just Relax… into retail stores and pharmacies, since it was too big a job and too expensive to do myself. PayLess drugs offered to put it in the music section, but I said no, since I wanted it next to the OTC sleep meds, not mixed with popular music titles. Back then, the buyer probably thought I was nuts. After a year of trying to find a national CD publisher, I received a phone call from the Vice-President of Moss Music in New York City, then "the largest record distributor in the world," who said, "Gail, I like your program, the content is excellent, and the production quality is very good, but unfortunately you're twelve years too late in an already over-crowded relaxation titles market, and I can't use it." When I asked him what he would do if he were in my position, with my being burned out after a year of being unsuccessful, he said, "I'd probably give up." And that's just what I did -- for ten years, but not indefinitely.

When I realized that I had a sleep aid, and not just another generic relaxation program, I knew that one day millions of people worldwide would be looking for natural ways to fall asleep. As the past Executive Director of one of the largest (and then oldest) holistic health nonprofits in the US, the Health Optimizing Institute, I knew that it would take twenty years for the California holistic health model to find its way across the US and have mass appeal. And it finally has!

In 2001 I dusted off the program, recorded it on CD, revised the music a bit, and made the title longer, adding the phrase "Relaxing to Sleep." Since 98% of the people who listened to it went to sleep anyway, I took Just Relax... from being another "ho hum" relaxation title to a targeted sleep program for insomniacs. Trust me when I say that it works. But don't take my word for it -- try it for yourself! Nobody, unless they have a medical sleep problem requiring surgery -- and even then it has worked for most; see testimonials -- has been able to stay awake until the end. That's why I'm offering it with a money-back guarantee.

Thousands of people over the years have enjoyed the benefits of Just Relax… My heartfelt wish is that millions more will buy it instead of sleeping pills and other harmful, often times habit-forming, and potentially addictive drugs… legal and otherwise. I priced Just Relax… at $19.95, which is the magic number to sell it on TV as a commercial (not as an infomercial). It's really a no-brainer. Can't sleep? Buy Just Relax… If you know someone who knows someone who has an interest and the money to make it happen, and they're legitimate, please have them contact me. Together we could make a difference in the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.

(1) Version 2 of Just Relax… (Oct., 2003) had a music-only track three containing 26 minutes of meditation and healing music by Marilynn Seits from her best selling CD titled Feathertouch. Version 3 track 3 music was changed to an original piece of music that we own, so that we could have our CD downloaded digitally, called Starlight Beach. Version 3 was released in June, 2006. (2) Our CD packaging was changed to a cardboard digipak in 2009 to make our company's entire line of products eco-friendly.

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