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Natural soy wax candles made from soybeans are renewable; non-toxic: easier on people with breathing problems; burn cooler, cleaner and more evenly; produce 95% less soot; and last 30 to 50% longer than traditional candles. Soy candles are 2 to 3 times more expensive than paraffin and gel candles made from bleached petroleum wastes and mineral oil. Our candles are made by us in the USA. Nothing we buy comes from China.

Aromatherapy candles
You may enjoy scented candles throughout your house, but your guests and family may not appreciate or want the scent all the time. Scented candles can be overpowering and compete with the delicious odors of your cooking and baking. Here's how to scent candles when you want them.

     2 oz Soy Candle | Cobalt Jar   

The 2 oz white, unscented soy candle, cobalt jar, white lid (below) is included in each of our home spa kits / spa gift sets mailed overseas. Not sold separately. It was upgraded to a 4 oz soy candle. To purchase 4 oz soy candles only, see our candle gift set.

2 oz white unscented soy candle; cobalt jar, white cap

Extinguish candle before playing Just Relax... CD track 2,
as you may (and probably will) fall asleep before the candle burns out.

Warning labels: 2 oz jar | 4 oz votive | aromatherapy candle

       4 oz Soy Candle | Cobalt Votive      

cobalt votives hold 4 ounces of soy wax

 Photo is of the votive only. To see the votive with soy wax, click here

Home Spa Kit Candle Upgrade: 4 oz
We upgraded the standard 2 oz soy jar candle with lid in our home spa kits to a 4 oz unscented white soy candle, cobalt votive: clear glass painted blue. No charge, free shipping. Promotion will expire when we run out of 4 oz blue votives. Burn time: 20-25 hours, depending upon the care that you give the candle and the conditions in the room.

       8 oz Soy Candle | Cobalt Votive      

8 oz Soy Candle | Cobalt Votive

Aromatherapy candles
We recently purchased a supply of 8 oz cobalt glass votives. When we saw these votives a few years ago, we wanted them, but they were selling for $3.50 each, so we passed. We happened to see them again, at a substantial discount online, so we purchased just 100 of them. The photo above contains cosmetics, to give you a better visual of the votive, and to show you one of many ways that you will be able to repurpose it. If you want to upgrade the two 4 oz soy candles in our candle gift set (below) with two 8 oz soy candles, please contact us for a quote. To upgrade the 4 oz soy candle -- included in each of our home spa kits / spa gift sets -- to an 8 oz soy candle, click on the "buy it now" button below to add $4.50 to your spa kit order. Retail customers: Do not order 8 oz soy candles for $4.50 each, without ordering either the candle gift set or a home spa kit, or your order will be canceled. Wholesale customers: Because we are not officially in the candle business, if you need a large supply of candles, or a different color votive, we will not be able to help you.

  Just Relax ® Aromatherapy  Soy Candle Gift Set  

 Soy candle gift set: embroidered organza pouch; aromatherapy note card

  • Chanukah, a Jewish holiday called the "festival of lights" is in Dec. Lasts 7 days.   
  • Shop early for Christmas. Contact us for green (or other color) bags; special order. 
  • Custom aromatherapy note cards: We'll add your message to the front left corner. 
  • Custom label: We will print a label with your logo or message; image coming soon.

    Price: $22.00 | Free shipping              Add Just Relax CD | Total: $32.00 (save $10)



  • Two white unscented 4 oz soy candles, cobalt glass votives, or one 8 oz soy candle.
  • Other: silver twist ties; clear bags, 2 silver labels, white instruction label on bottom.
  • Royal beaded organza gift pouch; silver embroidery, cord & tassles; made in India. 
  • Just Relax... ® aromatherapy note card, 1 of 4 blue images; white envelope, clear bag.
  • 1 ml (1/32 oz) amber vial of Just Relax... ® aromatherapy blend affixed to card back.
  • Enough vanilla Spring-Fill ® (paper crinkle) to fill pouch with candle(s) & card inside.

  • Removing the clear bags from the votives may cause them to become scratched.
  • This item may not be returned or exchanged unless all of the clear bags are intact.
  • See how easy it is to convert an unscented soy candle to an aromatherapy candle.

The items above will be packed separately, unless you tell us that you are buying this item as a gift. If so, please answer "yes" to this question in our cart: "Is this a gift?" The "ship to" address must be different from yours. Remember to include your message for the note card.

  • To buy the royal pouch only for $3.50, click here
  • The minimum retail order through our cart is $9.00
  • Add our Just Relax... CD to the soy candle gift set.                  
  • Add a bottle of aromatherapy to the candle gift set.
  • See a list of our product upgrades

Warning label: 2 oz jar, under cap
Warning! Natural wax is attractive to animals. Keep away from pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Keep wax free of matches, wick trimmings and flammable materials. Do not move while candle is burning or wax is hot. Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, injury, or smoke damage. For optimal burn: reduce soot by trimming the wick to 1/4" and centering the wick each time the candle is lit. Do not burn in drafty areas. Do not extinguish candle with lid. Important: To prevent damage, discontinue candle when 1/2" of wax remains. Made in the USA. To view this warning label, click here.

Warning label: 4 oz votive, bottom
Warning! To prevent fire and serious injury: Burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Burning instructions: Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting. Keep candle free of any foreign materials, including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than four hours at a time.

Warning label: 2 oz jar & 4 oz votive, back
To create an aromatherapy candle, add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil tothe top of an unscented lit or unlit (very hot liquid) candle. WARNING! Never add essential oils to a cold hard candle. The fumes could / will cause the oils to ignite. To view this warning label, click here.

Private labeling
Our candles are easy to private label. Simply request that we omit our label on the jar or votive. The warning label is very imporant; that must stay.

Soy wax price increases dramatically
The demand for soybean oil, the main component that wax manufacturers use to make soy wax, has more than doubled since January, 2007. Oil prices had been relatively stable prior to 2006, when the biofuels market started to really pick up, and foreign countries began buying large amounts of US soy. Biofuels are alternatives to petroleum made from vegetables or plants, that burn with lower emissions and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. While this is great for American farmers, the environment, and the US economy as a whole, it has been tough on those of us used to buying soy at a lower price.

  Scented candles scent your whole house when they're not lit.
   We prefer scenting an unscented candle to control the scent.


Create an aromatherapy candle
Although our soy candles are
unscented, so as not to compete with our aromatherapy blends used while bathing, the wax we buy is designed to take a scent. To add essential oil to an unscented candle, you'll need a dropper or a bottle with an orifice reducer to control the flow of the oil, especially since you'll only adding one or two drops of oil. We recommend using one of our two essential oil synergy blends: Just Relax... ® lavender blend or Stress Relief citrus blend. Both smell wonderful, and they and are neat / undiluted. When dropping essentials oils onto the top of an unscented candle, the wax must be very hot. It must still be a liquid. Our soy wax distributor explained it like this: "It doesn't matter whether the candle is lit or not when you add the essential oils, as long as the wax is a liquid." DANGER: "If you drop the essential the oils onto a cold hard candle, and then light the candle, the oils could ignite due to the vapors."

Option to fragranced candles
To fill your house with fragrance, without having to continually buy candles, a diffuser, or anything else, consider purchasing one of our neat / undiluted aromatherapy / essential oil formulas. (a) Open the bottle cap and let the bottle stand in a room for a few hours; or (b) fill a bowl with water and add 2 drops of essential oil; or (c) fill the bathtub with water and up to 5 drops of Just Relax... ® lavender blend or Stress Relief ® citrus blend, or (d) fill the tub, add our oils, and get in yourself.

  Shopper Info | Aromatherapy Candles 

  • The difficulty with shopping for scented candles is in the language. A high percentage of soy candle manufacturers offer both natural and chemically scented candles. So although you may be getting the benefits of soy, you may also be breathing in potentially toxic chemicals.

  • Do not assume that the term "aromatherapy" is an indication that the fragrance in the candle is derived from nature. The words "aromatherapy" and "scented" can be purposely misleading.

  • What's more confusing are the names of the artificial scents which have the same names as flowers. Fragrances like lavender, fresia and chamomile are easily duplicated in a lab. If the word used to describe the candle is "scent" or "fragrance" then it's probably not natural.

  • If the word use to describe it is "aromatherapy," it may or may not be natural. If the descriptive words are "essential oils" (distilled from plants and flowers) then it's more likely to be natural.

  • To avoid wasting your money, and potentially impairing your health, ask the seller or manufacturer a few questions, like: "Is the scent in your candle made from 100% pure essential oils distilled from plants? Or are they synthetic / chemically derived? If they don't know, if they guess, or if they lie, you've got problems.

  • If you really want an all-natural aromatherapy / essential oil(s) soy candle, where the fragrance is derived from plants, add the oils yourself, to an unscented candle, or keep looking until you find an authentic one.

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