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Relax and unwind with our CD greeting cards: Just Relax... (below) and Starlight Beach. The images on our CD greeting cards reflect both the beauty of nature and the imagery of visionary artist, Chris Gagnon. Product update; Nov., 2010: Because we now manufacture a very colorful six sided full color Just Relax... CD digipak, and since most of the revenue from music sales is digital, we have decided to discontinue offering our CD greeting cards at retail and at wholesale, although we still have some in stock if you want to order this product. In 2011 and beyond, the sale of our CD greeting cards will be custom orders only. If you would like us to create a custom logoed promotional product for your special event or organization, using our artwork or yours, affordably and in low quantities, please contact us.

Just Relax...

Play time / sound clip: Our Just Relax... CD greeting card contains the first two tracks from the full-length version of our Just Relax... CD. Track one is a 4 minute intro. Track 2 contains 26 minutes of words and music / sound therapy. Hear it: For a 2 minute audio sample / MP3 of Just here. Note: Please increase the volume on your computer before you begin.

"Illuminated Attraction" (c) Chris Gagnon | Gail Seymour's photo & card (c) 2007 GSPI


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e can fill small orders | SB-CD/GC
Folded card: 4.25" W by 5.5" H. White 1/4" border back, front.
White inside; white matching envelope; clear bag (packaging).

Text on front of card / right: Just Relax... calligraphy logo; 32 minute spoken word and relaxation music CD inside (bottom). Caution: Listening to Just Relax... track 2 for even a minute or two can / will make you drowsy. The words are trance-inducing. Disclaimer and instructions are on the back of the card (left panel); they are also on track 1. Do not play while driving; play at bedtime / nap time. Guarantee: If the CD is defective, we will replace it immediately; 30-day money-back guarantee if product is returned in "same as new" condition (so that we can resell it). Packaging: A self-seal clear poly bag, approved by the United States Postal Service for mailing, to protect the card and envelope. If the clear bag is used for mailing, both the address and the postage must be on the outside of the bag, not inside on the envelope, so the zip code can be scanned and the postage can be canceled. Option: Clear poly dust jacket keeps the card clean while being handled at the retail level. Note: dust jacket does not fit envelope (wholesale).

Just Relax... full-color paper CD label (above)
Option: download gift card | Custom download card (wholesale) 

Custom CD greeting cards: Our CD greeting cards can be customized and printed on a high-quality Xerox color copier in relatively small quantities: 50 cards, with your message or photo on the bottom front and/or inside left of the card. To save you money, we can offset print the card(s) on either a high gloss or a semi-gloss cardstock; 250 card minimum. Custom CD labels: We can add your text to the circular white outer band of the CD label, replacing our info, or we can also add it to the blue background, at the bottom. There are a variety of other CD label images in addition to the above: click here. Customized CD labels: minimum 50 CDs.

Clamshell CD holder (retail, wholesale): A clear poly clamshell is included with both CD greeting cards; 1/8" diameter, reusable, impact resistant, long lasting, protects CD during mailing. The clamshell is affixed to the inside right side of the card; the CD is inside. To adhere the clamshell to the card, we use a series of 1/2" high-strength, clear glue dots which bonds plastic to paper. Removing the glue dots from the clamshell is easy; removing them from the card may tear the paper slightly, although it will not affect the beauty of the card. Wholesale customers: The clamshell with the CD inside will not be taped or sealed. You'll be able to remove the CD easily; store it behind the counter in a CD sleeve to protect it.


SB-CD/GC-OC                         JR-CD/GC-OC

Optional clamshell colors: (wholesale): Marine blue, light blue - Just Relax... / sunset orange, light orange - Starlight Beach. Special order; minimum order: 250 clamshells. Optional CD holder (wholesale): Clear, square, stick-on poly holder (special order). A cardboard mailer will also be necessary to protect the CD during mailing (special order).  

Starlight Beach

When you've had a busy day,
play this music to wash your cares away.
"Starlight Beach"
Relaxing music for stress relief.

"Classic Sunset" and background images (c) Chris Gagnon | Logo (c) 2007 GSPI

Our price / sugg retail: $16.00 | Free retail shipping worldwide | Order Info (retail)

  UPC 631888079224 | Wholesale: New product; we can fill small orders | SB-CD/GC

Folded card: 4.25" W by 5.5" H. White 1/4" border back, front.
White inside; white matching envelope; clear bag (packaging).

Starlight Beach full-color paper CD label (above)
Option: download gift card | Custom download card (wholesale)

Play time / sound clip: Our Starlight Beach CD greeting card has a 32 minute continuous playing track, similar to track 3 of the full-length version of our Just Relax... CD, only louder and with more bass.

Listening to this music for only a minute or two can and will make you drowsy. Hear it: For a 2 minute audio sample / MP3 of Starlight Beachclick here. Note: Please increase the volume on your computer before you begin.

About the artists: Both CD greeting cards were designed and produced by Gail Seymour. The original artwork is by Chris Gagnon. The Starlight Beach music was written and recorded by Glen Joy and Douglas Carrier in 2006. It was remastered by Sean McAusland, CMR / Moongate Records in 2007.

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