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No refunds or exchanges will be issued on the economy size bottles of our essential oil blends if the bubble bag has been opened or the tamper proof seal on the bottle cap has been broken. Our trial size vials of essential oils enable you to test our blends before you order our economy size bottles. If your merchandise arrives damaged, please contact us immediately for replacement. Note: Since liquids expand under pressure, when our essential oils are shipped by air, it is not unusual for a very small amount of oil to leak into the protective bubble bag. If there is only a very small amount of leakage, and the label is still in good condition, we will not replace the bottle because you will have received a large format, easy-to-read printed info card with the ingredients and instructions for use. See disclaimer.

Our facial pillows may be returned or exchanged as long as the heat seal on the bag has not been broken, the pillow is returned in same as new condition, and it is accompanied by a copy of the packing slip or sales receipt. If you request a white pillow gift box, because there is no space inside the pillow gift box for any heat sealed clear bags, we will be forced to omit them. Without the heat sealed clear bags, all of the items inside the white pillow box may not be returned or exchanged.

Candle Gift Set
Our twin soy candle gift set with organza pouch my be returned or exchanged as long as the heat sealed clear bag around the gift pouch has not been opened. Exception: breakage, damage.

CD Greeting Cards
Our CD greeting cards are available for return or exchange (a) as long as the card is still in "same as new" condition, (b) the sealed poly bag has been not been opened or removed, and (c) the sticker on the CD clamshell has not been broken or removed, (d) the security strip on the stick-on CD sleeve has not been torn off. The restocking fee for all unopened CD greeting cards is $1.75 each.

Cream / Smooth All Over - see deodorant below

Dead Sea mineral bath salt & mud
Our Dead Sea products are in heat sealed clear bags; not shrink wrapped. We don't shrink wrap our merchandise because we believe that heat applied at 900 degrees Fahrenheit, especially to a glass jar, will affect the contents and that the bath crystals will melt. As long as the clear bags have not been opened so that we can resell it, the jars may be returned or exchanged.

We do not shrink wrap our jars and bottles because applying heat with a heat gun at 900 degrees Fahrenheit will affect the natural oils and minerals. If the product has a heat sealed clear bag around it, or a tamper evident label on the lid or cap, and the bag or seal has not been removed or broken, the product may be returned or exchanged.

Home Spa Kits / Spa Gift Sets
You may exchange one or more items in the kit, or exchange the whole kit for a different item. For a refund, the kit must be returned in same as new condition. Whether you purchased a home spa kit for yourself or received one as a gift, the outer wrappers must be sealed. You may exchange the spa kit for a gift certificate, which is transferable, other merchandise, or a 30 minute stress relief, lifestyle, career, health, networking, communications, sales or brainstorming coaching session. Merchandise being returned for a refund must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt and be received by us no later than 30 days from the ship date. Our free shipping offer to you is not free to us. Please read our guarantee exchange letter.

Your total refund amount will consist of: (a) the price of the home spa kit at time of purchase as reflected on your sales receipt, as long as the kit was purchased from us at retail on our site, (b) minus the credit card transaction fees which we incurred, (c) minus the actual cost of shipping your order, since although we offer free shipping, shipping is obviously not free. In this way we hope to avoid incurring losses when issuing our customers refunds, thereby holding our retail prices steady while shipping costs continue to rise, and so that we may continuing to offer free retail shipping: Cont US, AK, HI, PR, APO/FPO.

International customers
Your refund will be in dollars and converted to your country's currency. The amount of your refund will be based on the exchange rate at the time your refund is made. Since the dollar is declining vs. the Euro and other foreign currencies, we cannot be expected to refund you the exact amount that you paid for the merchandise when you purchased it, if the dollar has declined during the date that you purchased it and the return date. We may have a promotion running whereby we offer a $5.00 discount on shipping for heavy items that not shipped free of charge at retail. They include heavy items like candles and spa kits.

Just Relax... CDs
You may return one (1) opened CD within 30 days of purchase on our site for $19.95, less an opened CD return fee of $3.50 (if opened), less any and all transaction fees (below). Promotional CDs: We will refund up to four (4) unopened promotional CDs purchased from us at $9.95 each, less transaction fees (below). Promotional CDs must be returned in same as new condition with the shrink wrap in tact. Before we can process your CD refund, please write to us, telling us why you are returning it. Do not mail us the CD without contacting us first and expect a refund. If the CD arrived damaged, and it was not purchased directly from us, please contact the brick & mortar retailer or online reseller. Our CD downloaded from the Internet on CD Baby or iTunes do not have our guarantee. We are unaware of who purchased it and when. Every few years we upgrade our CD and refuse to accept any previous versions or packaging for a refund. We always post notices throughout our site well in advance of this happening. Any promotions or offers inside a previous version or package, when a newer CD is released, becomes null and void.

Just Relax Download Cards
When we issue a download card number, by email or phone, or we mail the card, as a stand alone item or inside one of our spa gift sets, we have no way of knowing whether or not the card was used, or if our program was downloaded on cdbaby, and when, since they do not offer us that information. Therefore, unlike our CD, our download cards may not be returned or exchanged, since the number cannot be tracked / traced or reissued.

Note Cards
Our standard note cards, bagged note cards and aromatherapy note cards may be returned or exchanged as long as they are in "same as new" condition.

Speaker Pillows
The speaker pillow is the only product that we sell which we do not manufacture. If it is not what you expected or wanted, you have 30 days to return it to the manufacturer (not us) in same as new condition. If you ordered a custom batik pillowcase, those are ours. Please contact us for shipping instructions.

Stress Coaching
The 10-day guarantee period for our coaching services starts on the session date.  

If you paid using a credit card, and your order is cancelled on the day that the payment was made, and you have given us sufficient time to reverse the charge before the close of business (Monday through Saturday we close at 6 PM), on the same day that you purchased it, weekends, holidays and vacations excluded, your order will be canceled and the purchase amount will be refunded in full to your credit card.

If you received our merchandise as a gift, it was purchased directly from us, and you'd like to exchange it for other merchandise, coaching services or a gift certificate, which can be used anytime within one calendar year from the issue date, do not open the heat sealed packaging. The merchandise must be returned in same as new condition. Before attempting to return merchandise to us, please read our return exchange policy letter and contact us for an MRA number.

Gift Wrapping
We use decorative gable boxes for our home spa kits, which are ready to gift. If you are a retailer, and you want to gift wrap our home spa kits, due to the unusual shape of the box, to gift wrap it, put the kit in a 10 x 8  x 5" box or use cellophane / not shrink wrap; do not heat the contents of spa kit. We offer a free white pillow gift box and a jute or organza (while supplies last) drawstring gift bags. Sorry, but we do not have any gift wrapping paper.

Guarantee / Merchandise
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of the merchandise purchased on this site with proof of purchase, which must be the "final receipt" from our cart, which reflects a detailed list of the items purchased. We require this because from time to time we change our promotions, and if all you have is a confirmation from PayPal, showing the total of your order, we may not be able to determine what you purchased or if anything was a "final sale" item. 

Since we offer free retail shipping, to avoid taking a substantial loss on returned item(s), our actual outgoing shipping expense at the time of purchase (or an approximation thereof) will be deducted from your refund amount. This can be as little as $2.25, the cost to mail a bottle of aromatherapy within the US via the USPS first class airmail package weighing less than 13 ounces -- or as much as $14.50, the cost to ship a home spa kit from FL to CA via FedEx ground. The guarantee period for merchandise starts on the ship date, not the date you receive your order, since we have no way of checking the delivery date of goods shipped outside the US. Before you return, please contact us to explain why you are returning the merchandise, and how you would like us to handle it. Thank you!

Guarantee / Services
We offer a 10-day guarantee on our services. Free gifts offered with services rendered will be shipped as soon as the 10-day guarantee period for our services has ended.

Refunds - General
Orders paid by credit card will be refunded by credit card. Orders paid by check or money order will be refunded by check or PayPal (cash), payable to the purchaser of record. If you received our merchandise as a gift, read Refunds / Exchanges - Gifts (below).

Refunds / Exchanges - Gifts
If you received our merchandise as a gift, the purchase price shall be applied to other merchandise (shipping on exchanged merchandise is not free), a transferable gift certificate (starting at $20 and up), or applied to our transferable stress relief or small business coaching services.

Replacement / Returns
We will replace damaged or defective merchandise purchased from us within our 30 day guarantee period, as long as you have proof of purchase by way of the "final receipt" from our cart. If you purchased our merchandise from a brick & mortar retailer or an online reseller, please contact them. If we issue you a cash refund, and you purchased our merchandise online, shipping fees (if any) and credit card processing fees will be deducted from your refund. Please contact us before returning any merchandise to us.

Shipping refunds / handling fees
Shipping charges
on drop ship orders taken by our resellers, and shipping charges on CDs purchased on, (from relax2sleep or another seller), will not be refunded. We never charge a handling fee or small order fee.

Taxes, duties & fees
Dear International Customer, as the importer of goods from the United States, you will be responsible for any applicable duties, taxes and fees.

GSPI holds a registered US trademark in category 03: aromatherapy / essential oils, aromatherapy facial pillows, bath salts, lotions and the like, for Just Relax ®, and another for our circle logo (banner above). We also filed a US trademark for Sleep Naturally™ on 3-7-16.

Transaction Fees
Unless your merchandise arrived damaged, as long as it was purchased directly from us, before we can issue you a refund, we will deduct any and all unrecoverable fees incurred by us when you processed your order online through our shopping cart using a credit card. These fees range from 4% per transaction using our credit card processing company, First Data / Wells Fargo Bank, to 6.5% per transaction using an international credit card, to 2.9% using a regular credit card on PayPal, and up to 4% using an American Express card on PayPal. We will be able to see the exact amount of the transaction fee, and will deduct only that which was applicable to your order.

Just Relax... CD


No matter how frustrating the drive,
or how tempting it might be, do not
play Just Relax… while driving!

Disclaimer: CD
Just Relax... CD is not a medical device. It is not a substitute for expert medical advice and/or treatment. Gail Seymour Productions, Inc. / GSPI and its affiliates are not responsible for the misuse of this program, the unlawful duplication thereof, or the omission of any printed or auditory instructions. Listen to the instructions on track 1 twice before playing track 2. Read the printed instructions on the inside front cover of the CD. If you have a medical condition, consult your health care practitioner. 

Disclaimer: Aromatherapy
GSPI is not responsible for the misuse of our aromatherapy / essential oil products. Read the bottle label or info card carefully before use to determine whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are not sure, we recommend that you (a) order our trial size vials instead of an economy size bottle, and (b) that you perform a 24-hour patch test first. If you are taking prescription medications, are pregnant or nursing, do not buy or use our aromatherapy products. Our aromatherapy synergy blends are not a substitute for expert medical advice and/or treatment.

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