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Just Relax ® manufactures all natural, organic, eco-friendly, unisex, home spa kits / spa gift sets and home spa products for the body mind spirit, to promote relaxation, stress relief and deep natural sleep, while alleviating anxiety, panic, depression, insomnia and pain. Our seaside motif, seasonal and yoga meditation home spa kits / spa gift sets contain our Just Relax Relaxing to Sleep CD or download card. A boutique company incorporated in 2001, our focus has been on quality, service and sustainability. Our home spa kits / spa gift sets, relax-to-sleep CD & MP3, aromatherapy pillows, soy candles and candle gift sets can be imprinted or private labeled for special events, for advertising specialty companies or as promotions, used as sales incentives, and given as corporate gifts. Hand crafted in the USA, not China. Cruelty, pesticide, preservative free. Shop manufacturer direct and save 25 to 40%. 30 day guarantee. Free retail shipping. No state tax. Retail, wholesale, drop ship, affiliate & referral programs. To load site links: green bar, left side of screen, click here. About us continued | contact us

Home Spa Kit / Spa Gift Set Catalog: Just Relax with our eco-friendly, organic, unisex, seaside motif & seasonal home spa kits / spa gift sets. Each home spa kit contains our best selling spoken word & music CD or download card: Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep; 8 oz unscented Dead Sea mineral bath salt, jute pouch; 1-10 ml or 2-5 ml bottles of aromatherapy synergy blend; 4 oz white unscented soy votive candle; warm cool washable 100% cotton batik aromatherapy facial / eye pillow, 8 oz organic flax seeds, space saving folding gable box. Sugg retail: $65 to $70. Our price: $55 to $60. Free retail shipping: US. Free gifts: note card; Smooth All Over cream. Custom box labels; private labeling. Promo: Buy 4 spa kits; get 1 free. Retail, wholesale, drop ship, affiliate. Home Spa Kits / Spa Gift Sets by GSPI dba Just Relax ®
Just Relax spa gift set was featured on Fox & Friends

Christmas spa gift set | Christmas home spa kit Yoga mediation spa gift set / home spa kit box labels with ohm / om symbols (c) 2002 - 2011 Chris Gagnon  
Christmas spa gift set / home spa kit | Yoga meditation spa gift sets | Custom labels

Soy Candle Gift Set: Two 4 oz soy candles, white, unscented, cobalt votives, or one 8 oz soy candle (special order), cobalt votive. Aromatherapy note card: 1 of 4 blue cards; 1 ml amber vial of neat / undiluted Just Relax ® aromatherapy synergy blend affixed to the card back. Add a few drops of essential oil to the liquid soy candle to create an aromatherapy soy candle; pour half the vial into your bath water, or remove the cap to scent your house. Royal organza beaded pouch with silver embroidery and tassels: $22. Pouch only: $3.50. Free US shipping.
 Soy candle gift set, embroidered pouch, aromatherapy, note card.

Aromatherapy Pillows
: Just Relax ® with our washable, refillable, hand made 100% cotton batik facial eye pillows, filled with 8 oz of organic brown flax seeds. Use for aromatherapy application or as warm cool sinus pack. Set contains facial / aromatherapy pillow & aromatherapy synergy blend: $18. Free US shipping. Ships 24 hours. Disposable natural cotton gauze liners; optional. Made in USA. Promo: aromatherapy eye / facial pillow, 1 ml or 1.85 ml essential oil blend, Just Relax... CD; save $10. Buying a gift? Free organza pouch or white box.

Aromatherapy pillow: washable cotton batik; organic flax seeds.
Power nap kit | Free pillow gift box

Essential Oil Synergy BlendsJust Relax ® is a fragrant lavender blend; 1/6 oz neat: $10; 1/3 oz neat: $15; roll-on: $9. Stress Relief is an invigorating citrus blend; 1/6 oz neat: $10; 1/3 oz neat: $15; roll-on: $9. Sleep Naturally ® is a pungent woodsy synergy blend formulated by GSPI to replace your sleeping pills. Two 1/2 dram vials: $13.32; 1/6 oz: $18; 1/3 oz: $30. Standard bottles, roll-on, vials. Licensing, private labeling, export. Promos: Free shipping.

Aromatherapy 50% off with Just Relax... CD; 1/3 oz Just Relax ® or Stress Relief. Gifts: Travel set / empty amber vial & mini pipette. Nov & Dec: Buy a 10 ml bottle (any formula); get a Just Relax... music download card; $9.95 value, yours free.

Aromatherapy for relaxation, stress relief, sleep naturally.
Sleep aromatherapy (right): Sleep Naturally ®

Essential Oil Trio: Before you order an economy size bottle or aromatherapy, test all three synergy blends to see which one works best for you; 3 for $9. We can / will substitute our Tri-Pak for a bottle of aromatherapy in our home spa kits. JR-1 ml; STR-1 ml; DS: 1.85 ml. Photo / packaging update: All vials are now amber; black screw cap. Promo: white organza pouch; supplies are limited.

Aromatherapy Note Cards: 1 ml vial of Just Relax ® or Stress Relief and a 1.85 ml vial of Sleep Naturally ® affixed to card front or back; instructions on the back.


Aromatherapy sampler: Just Relax..., Stress Relief, Sleep Naturally

Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt / Dead Sea Mud: For centuries people have traveled great distances to bathe in the Dead Sea's mineral rich waters, shown to detoxify and soften the skin, reduce nervous tension, itching, dryness and other skin conditions; and relieve allergy and arthritis symptoms. 21 minerals & trace elements. Dead Sea bath salt gifts: two 8 oz bags; jute pouches: $15 / 16 oz jar: $15. Dead Sea mud: 3.7 oz bag: $5 & $9. Promo: 32 oz for $28. Best deal on the net for a small order. Temporarily out of stock. Free US shipping; restrictions apply.

Phgoto of the Dead Sea. Dead Sea mineral bath salt.

Smooth All Over: Unscented, unisex moisturizer, use before applying makeup to aging skin, night cream and body lotion. Made from high quality nut oils, vitamins & body butters. Warning: Do not order if you are allergic to nuts. No mineral oil: a petroleum by-product banned in Europe or harmful preservatives. To extend shelf life, keep refrigerated. Use instead of carrier oil to apply undiluted aromatherapy directly to the skin. 2 oz jar: $9 / $5 with spa kit order; 2 oz bag refill; 8 oz bag refill: $10 / 16 oz jar: $22 / 33.3 oz bottle: special order. Promo: 2 oz SAO bag free with home spa kit.

Smooth All Over unscented natural day and night cream for men and women.
Free 2 oz refill with 16 oz jar of SAO

Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD: Our spoken word and healing music / sound therapy / sleep aid CD is recommended by hospitals, surgeons, cancer survivors and business execs. Use it as a relaxation CD, portable stress management tool or natural sleep aid to alleviate insomnia, worry, panic, anxiety, depression and PTSD: $19.95. Free shipping worldwide. Ships in 24 hrs. Retail, drop ship, affiliate, referral, wholesale, custom imprint.
Gifts: Aromatherapy, SAO, note card. Promotion: Buy 1 Just Relax... CD for $19.95; order up to 4 more as gifts within 1 year for $9.95 each. Download (full album). New product: Download gift cards: $9.95 ea. or get the card number from us now to download album on cdbaby.com. Custom card: min 100. Your image or logo on card front.


Relaxation CD, stress relief CD, panic / anxiety relief CD, insomnia relief CD. 6 panel eco-friendly digipak. 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.


Relaxwear by Gail Seymour: Cotton batik and rayon batik wearable art products. We will be going into limited production with a line of light weight, unisex, imported cotton batik cover-ups for the pool, beach, spa, resort and/or home. To receive fabric swatches, to order fabric that coordinates with your day spa or salon's color scheme, to inquire about us painting your design onto our finished goods using a stencil, or to make a metal stamp of your logo, that integrates it into the print during the complex dying process, contact us.

Cotton batik blue green wave fabric

Meditation Photography: We are offering a small selection of relaxing images -- flowers, portals (doors, windows, gates), beach scenes, patios, fish, gardens, monastaries and more -- that can be used as meditation tools. Our meditation photos are also available, for a nominal fee, to our retail and wholesale customers who would like to create a custom home spa kit / spa gift set box label (photo instead of graphic); matching note card.

Mediation photography by Gail Seymour (c) 2010 GSPI; all rights reserved.

FREE Stress Relief or Business Evaluation: Gail Seymour, MSA, President, GSPI, and stress relief coach, offers a free 10 minute stress relief evaluation to anyone who requests it by phone or email. No purchase needed. Promo: Gifts with paid coaching session(s): with 1 session: Just Relax... CD + a bottle of aromatherapy; $23 to $35 value; with 2 sessions: a home spa kit / spa gift set; $55 retail value; customer pays shipping. Post your relaxation, stress and/or insomnia questions for discussion on my blog. Contact me, Gail Seymour, for a free 10 min evaluation. Business coaching, weight loss and stress management services come with a 10 day guarantee.

Gail Seymour, MSA, stress relief coach

CD Greeting Cards: Our Just Relax... CD greeting card contains the spoken word tracks 1 and 2 from our Just Relax CD. Starlight Beach CD greeting card contains the music track 3 from our full-length Just Relax... CD, Starlight Beach, only louder and with more bass: CD greeting cards can be customized for you easily and affordably in relatively small quantities by adding your logo or message to a paper insert, greeting card front, back, inside and/or on the CD label. Option: Replace CD with music download card. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

CD greeting cards; customized quickly & affordably

About us (cont'd): This site was built in 2002. We built a gorgeous new web site in 2006. Like many of us who are trying to save money, we had the new site built in South America. Shortly thereafter, our webmasters started to overcharge us for small changes. They thought they had us locked in; but to their amazement and dismay, we shut it down, opting not to deal with crooks. We reverted to our current yet antiquated format built in frames. Because our products are visible at top of page one with most of the major search engines, and our focus is on expanding our wholesale business, we will not be building another web site anytime soon.

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