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Stress Relief / Meditation Photography by Gail Seymour, MSA, Stress Relief Coach. "Meditation is the art / science of quieting the mind to make way for heightened creativity and self-awareness, and to promote wellness. The practice of meditation has never been easy to master. The word meditation conjures up images of people practicing yoga, sitting cross legged, staying perfectly still for long periods of time, training themselves to empty their minds. Most of us wish there were easier ways to quiet the mind. Music can be a meditation if it's soothing, and so can housework. Focused on the task at hand, getting into the rhythm of the chore, even washing the dishes and listening to the hum of the vacuum cleaner can be a meditation, as long as you're not thinking about anything else and you're in the present moment -- in the here and now. Driving is another form of meditation where you can literally tune out and let go -- allowing your creative mind explore the possibilities -- although it's best to be on a country road, where you can drive slowly and look at the scenery. Another form of meditation is to fix your eyes on an image and stare at it for a while. We prefer familiar images and scenes where you can imagine yourself in picture or taking the photo, i.e., flowers, gardens and seascapes." © 2010  GSPI / Gail Seymour

Two Fish by Gail Seymour © 2011 GSPI dba Just Relax. ® | All rights reserved

Two Fish photo by Gail Seymour (c) 2011 GSPI.
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Susan Smalley and Diana Winston, authors of the book Fully Present: The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness, advocate meditating daily by "paying attention with openness and curiousity to the present moment." Mindfulness is based on heightened sensory awareness, and studies suggest it can help reduce stress, increase attention span, boost creativity and strengthen the immune system, among other benefits. Anyone can practice mindfulness, when walking, driving or exercising, for example. Here are tips for separating yourself from your thoughts to become more mindful. Clear your head: Focus on the moment with an open and curious mind. If you find yourself stressed or overwhelmed, concentrate on your breathing. Connect with your body: Notice each physical sensation without interpreting or labeling it. If you're outside feel the breeze on your face and notice the colors of the trees and the sounds around you. Practice: The more you do it, the greater the benefit. - Laura Hoxworth,, 8-13-10

Dragonfly by Gail Seymour © 2013 GSPI dba Just Relax ® | All rights reserved.
Dragonfly by Gail Seymour © 2013 GSPI dba Just Relax ® | All rights reserved.

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Passage from outer profane space to inner sacred space; entering a new world. As a boundary symbol, it is the line of meeting of the natural and supernatural. The meditation / contemplation and symbolic / portals photos on this site can be made into high quality, large format images to display at your yoga center, day spa, office, home, etc.

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Monk at LeCelle, Cortona, Italy © 2012 Gail Seymour / GSPI dba Just Relax ®. This is where St.
Francis first became a monk. We have more photos of LeCelle. To view them, please contact us.
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