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Photo: Dead Sea. Dead Sea mineral bath salt
Benefits / Dead Sea Bath Salt
For centuries people have traveled great distances to bathe in the Dead Sea's mineral rich waters, known to detoxify and soften the skin, reduce insomnia, nervous tension, itching, dryness and other common skin conditions, while alleviating (relieving) the symptoms of allergies and arthritis.

Ingredients / Dead Sea Bath Salt
Contains 21 minerals and trace elements of bromine, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, chromium, iron, sulphates. Unscented, unadulterated (no additives). We do this because our line is unisex -- we sell to both men and women -- and although "real men do bathe" -- they don't want to smell like flowers. They bathe to relax, de-stress, and detoxify. If you want your bath water scented naturally with plants and flowers, instead of artificially with chemicals, see our aromatherapy line, or buy an 8 oz bag of Dead Sea bath salt, jute pouch, and our aromatherapy sampler: $14.00; free shipping. To view image of blue bath salt info card, click here.

Buying at Wholesale?
Lots of folks call us, assuming that we are importers, manufacturers or bulk resellers of Dead Sea products. We are not, but from many years of experience, we know which companies sell the best quality Dead Sea products at the best prices in bulk. For a nominal fee, we will offer you the names of our suppliers, saving you time, money and aggravation.

Directions / Dead Sea Bath Salt
Pour 1/3 of the bag into an empty bathtub. Use hot water initially to dissolve the bath salt crystals. Stir crystals to dissolve completely; then mix with warm water. Caution: Get in slowly and carefully, as the minerals will make the tub very slippery. Place a rubber shower mat inside the tub, hold onto the sides of the tub firmly, or ask for assistance. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes; shower afterward. Rest for 30 to 60 minutes. Warning: Do not use more than instructed (more is not better), or you will detoxify too quickly, causing you to feel headachy and exhausted for several days. Detailed instructions are on a blue info card included with your order. Option: Add one of our neat / undiluted aromatherapy synergy blends: Just Relax... ® or Stress Relief to the bath water. To view image of blue bath salt info card, click here.

Instructions / Dead Sea Bath Salt
Close the poly bag immediately after use to avoid moisture build-up or the crystals will clump or turn to liquid. Keep away from heat and sunlight or crystals will liquefy. Caution: Keep out of eyes. If you have open wounds on your hands, wear gloves. We will mail you a pair of hypo-allergenic nitrile disposable gloves gloves; n/c; special order; contact us -- or use a utensil, instead of your hands, to scoop and mix the hands the bath salt crystals.

Contents / Dead Sea Bath Salt
1 cup dry / 8 oz liquid / 3 treatments. We use either fine or coarse crystals. The large crystals are used in the manufacture of scented bath salts. The essential oils stick better to larger surfaces. Because our bath salt is unscented, since our gift line is unisex, either works. An 8 ounce bag of Dead Sea mineral bath salt is also included in each of our Home Spa Kits.


The Dead Sea mineral bath salt is packed in two bags. Inner bag: 6" x 6" heavy gauge leakproof poly with double track zipper, clear bottom, bright blue top, silver Just Relax... address label, blue ink. See package change below. Outer bag: 5" x 7" burlap pouch with drawstring top (below). The simple design and coarse fabric of the pouch compliments our gift line's unisex seaside motif. The style and fabric resembles a fisherman's knapsack. To change the standard pouch color in our spa kits to a different color, no charge, or for non-stock pouch colors: min 12; special order: contact us

Custom pouches
We can have your logo and/or message embroidered and/or painted onto one or both sides of the finished jute (or other) pouches quickly, affordably, and in small quantities: minimum 12. Examples: click here 

8 oz pure unscented Dead Sea mineral bath salt; natural jute pouch
8 oz pure unscented Dead Sea mineral bath salt; purple jute pouch
Purple | For wine see spa kit
8 oz pure unscented Dead Sea mineral bath salt; hunter jute pouch

Jute Pouch Only 
Jute pouch holds 1 or 2 bottles of aromatherapy. Please do not buy pouches
without our other merchandise. Although we manufacture & wholesale cotton
batik aromatherapy pillows, we do not manufacture or distribute jute pouches.
Indicate color in our cart: natural, purple, hunter, wine: JUT-BAG: $1.75 each.

2 Dead Sea Bath Salt + 2 Jute Pouches
2 jute pouches: indicate color preference in our cart + two 8 oz bags
of Dead Sea mineral bath salt; DBS-8-Twin: $15.00


Dead Sea Bath Salt + Aromatherapy Sampler + White Organza Pouch
8 oz bag, Dead Sea mineral bath salt + Aromatherapy Tri-Pak + white 
organza bag: DBS-8 + TriPak: $14.00



             Free shipping | Gift certificates | Note cards: $1.75 | Min order this site: $9 | Contact us

  Econ Jar Dead Sea Bath Salt | Beaded Pouch 

Dead Sea mineral bath salt, 16 oz net, 6 treatments, white, unscented, unadulterated, cobalt PET jar, white cap with liner, silver oval labels. Bath salt may be returned or exchanged if heat sealed bag is unopened.

16 oz pure unscented Dead Sea mineral bath salt; cobalt PET jar, white cap     
               16 oz jar: $15.00 | Free shipping                6 x 9" royal organza beaded gift pouch. Reg: $3.50
                                                                            Promo: $1.75 with 16 oz bath salt or 2-16 oz bags

  Refills | Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt 
 2 vials of aromatherapy: Just Relax... & Stress Relief    leakproof bag for Dead Sea mineral bath salt
Two 1 ml vials of aromatherapy   Two 16 oz bags, pure, unscented Dead
Sea mineral bath salt; 32 oz total

Pure, unadulterated, unscented, Dead Sea mineral bath salt: two 16 oz bags: 32 oz total; 2 blue info cards. Refills for our 16 oz economy jar or to save money. There is no other packaging. Bags are not heat sealed; final sale. Do not store bags in bathroom, near shower or tub. Exposure to heat and sunlight will cause the salt crystals to liquefy. Aromatherapy: Just Relax ® and Stress Relief -- a 1 ml amber vial of each, or two 1 ml vials of the same formula. Please specify in the comments section of our cart.

Our price: $22.50 | Free shipping | Free gifts | Final sale


   "Just Mud" Dead Sea Mineral Mud 

Just Mud info card instructions for use, ingredients. Card is gray, not white.
2 gray nitrile / allergy free gloves (not shown here) also included. Rev. 6-13

Just Mud Dead Sea mineral mud: 50 ml jar; 3.7 oz net     

Packaging change: Mud evaporated, caked in the jar. Jar changed to leakproof bag.

We tried everything, including adding a liner to the glass jar. Because we were unable to keep to the mud from drying out in the jar, we were forced to discontinue using a jar for the mud, and are using a leakproof ziplock poly medical bag instead. 3.7 oz net; same label. Just Mud can also be added as an upgrade to our standard home spa kits. It comes with our Deluxe home spa kits. It can be purchased separately for $9 -- although for $22 (below) you can get 2 pounds -- or it can replace the 8 oz bag of Dead Sea mineral bath salt -- same ingredients -- in any of our home spa kits; special order; n/c. Just Mud comes with a pair of gray nitrile hypoallergenic disposable gloves; gray info card. Just Mud bag may be exchanged or returned if the heat sealed outer bag is unopened.

                                       Instructions | Contact UsFree shipping | Promotion

                                     Spa kit upgrade: $5.00      Purchased separately: $9.00

You may be wondering why Just Mud costs so much more than the bath salt crystals, or why you're getting so much less. Just Mud is a concentrate; a little bit goes a long way. One pound of pure, unadulterated Dead Sea mineral mud costs approximately six times more than a pound of pure Dead Sea mineral bath salt crystals. If you need a larger quantity of mud, to give yourself a full body treatment, see our two pound / two bag promotion below. To order one 16 oz bag (instead of two), and for bulk orders (20 lb bucket), please contact us.
Two 1 lb bags | Dead Sea Mineral Mud

leakproof bag holds 16 oz "Just Mud" Dead Sea mineral mud  leakproof bag holds 16 oz "Just Mud" Dead Sea mineral mud 

  • "Just Mud" Dead Sea mineral mud: undiluted, unscented, unadulterated  
  • Two 1 pound bags: resealable leakproof ziplock poly bags with our label
  • 2 pairs gray nitrile hypo-allergic disposable gloves, size med; 2 info cards
  • Shipped to / sold in the Cont US, AK, HI, PR, APO/FPO, US protectorate
  • No printed packaging or foil packets. No fancy box, no frills -- Just Mud
  • For a quote on one pound of Just Mud instead of two pounds, contact us
  • A mudbath at a Calistoga, CA motel costs $54 weekdays; $59 weekends

Promotion: $
28.00 | Lowest price on the net | Free shipping


Benefits / "Just Mud" Dead Sea Mineral Mud
The mud from the floor of the Dead Sea has the same mineral-rich composition and will afford you the same benefits as the Dead Sea mineral bath salt crystals: hydration, exfoliation, detoxification. Just Mud is preferred by people who have difficulty getting into the tub, and by men, who prefer showering. Because we were invited to sell the dried / powdered clay / mud form the volcanoes of Argentina, we decided to do some research. Unlike the Dead Sea mud, which is highly alkaline, the Argentine volcanic clay / mud is highly acidic, in that it contains a high level of sulphur, which has been shown to alleviate a number of health maladies. Although we have enjoyed soaking in sulphur springs in California, Colorado and New Zealand, sulphur is not intended for use on the face. For an article titled, "Suitability of sulphur rich muds from Copahue (Argentina) for use as semisolid healthcare products," type in the first five words of the article, and you'll find a link on Google; or go to, and do a lookup by one of the authors, M T Baschini. You can read the abstract / summary at n/c; however, there is a $31 fee to see the research. Although we are not selling the Argentine clay / mud ourselves, if you want to buy it, we can connect you with an importer / distributor (retail, drop ship, wholesale); contact us.

Instructions / "Just Mud" Dead Sea Mineral Mud
Using Just Mud is messy; it may stain your clothing. Just Mud rinses off quickly and easily from the skin. Wear thin rubber gloves or have a nail brush handy to scrub around the cuticles. Apply a thin layer of mud to the skin (body and/or face). Leave on face for up to 10 minutes; body for 20 minutes. Rise off with chlorene-free water. Improves the complexion by deep cleaning; removes makeup, dirt and excess oils. See pimples and dark circles (toxins) around the eyes disappear. Avoid getting it into the eyes. First time users may experience breakouts (just once) as toxins are brought to the surface. Firms and tones, stimulates circulation; you may experience tingling. As the mud dries, it will change color from charcoal to orange, indicating that the moisture and nutrients from the minerals are being absorbed into the skin. Shower off. If the mud dries out and cakes, add 1 tbs of non-chlorinated water. Let the jar stand for a few hours; mix slowly. Each time you apply Just Mud, check to see that it's loose enough to apply a thin even layer. If not, add as more pure water and remix slowly.



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