Sleep Naturally ® sleep aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blend is a natural topical sleep aid to promote safe natural sleep. It is for people who have insomnia, defined as trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.

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INGREDIENTS - Sleep Naturally ® sleep aromatherapy is a potent, woodsy essential oil synergy blend shown to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety, stress and depression. An all-natural topical sleep aid, Sleep Naturally ® contains 99.9% pure (not organic), therapeutic grade essential oils (plant extracts) of bergamot (bergaptine-free), Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, neroli (bitter orange blossom), valerian root and petitgrain, diluted 50/50 with organic grapeseed oil, a light, fragrance free, moisturizing carrier oil that makes Sleep Naturally ® affordable, and so that it can be safely applied directly to the skin at bedtime. Hand crafted in small batches for freshness in the USA. Nothing is from China. GENERAL PRODUCT INFO - Aromatherapy is a process and a practice. Essential oils are liquids distilled from plants, flowers, bark, roots and fruit. Storage: Store Sleep Naturally ® in your bedroom closet, inside your night stand, in your medicine cabinet, or wherever it is readily available, as long as it is in a cool, dark, dry place. First Aid / Preventive Measures: For eye contact, flush with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes. For swallowing drink lots of water or milk to dilute further. For inhalation, seek fresh air. Do not induce vomiting; seek medical attention. You may dilute Sleep Naturally ® further to use it as massage oil. Aromatherapy can be drying; do not apply to the face; keep away from eyes. For sensitive skin: Perform a 24-hour patch test. Use sunscreen afterward. Guarantee: 30 days. Return / exchange policy: No refunds will be issued or exchanges made on opened bottles. First time customers, order two 1/2 dram / 1.85 ml vials, 1 treatment each, so that you can return one vial is it doesn’t work for you. Replacement: If your merchandise arrives damaged, contact us immediately. Since liquids expand under pressure, when oils are shipped by air, sometimes (but not often) a very small amount will leak into the bag or package. If there is a small amount of leakage, unless you are a wholesaler or a distributor, we will not replace the bottle, even if the label cannot be read, since you will also receive this printed sheet. CAUTION: Do not combine Sleep Naturally ® with other essential oils, prescription or OTC meds, with homeopathic formulas, or herbal remedies. Keep away from children and pets. Not for use with children under the age of three and pets. Sleep Naturally ® contains sweet marjoram, not for use by pregnant women, shown to induce / hasten menstrual flow. If you are pregnant, think that you may be pregnant, or if you are nursing (breast feeding), do not use. If you are taking prescription medication(s), consult your pharmacist or physician before use. FAQ - "How much will I need?" One of our customers, an African American male in his 30s, whose work schedule changed frequently, ordered a 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Sleep Naturally ® every 3 months. He found us online after trying lavender, noticing that it didn't work for his insomnia. He used Sleep Naturally ® about twice a week, applying six drops to the sole of each foot. He said that it "works like a charm." How much will you need? That will depend on your weight, your frequency of insomnia, your sensitivity to aromatherapy, and other things too numerous to mention here. How fast will it work? Because essential oils may be applied directly to the skin, the largest organ of the body, bypassing the digestive system, they are faster acting than pills, which need to be digested for at least 60 minutes. With our Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy formula, you will start to feel woozy (light headed), like you just had two glasses of wine, in about 10 minutes; you should start to feel sleepy in about 20 minutes; and you should be asleep in about 30 minutes. If not, reapply sparingly. How long does it last? Undiluted aromatherapy can be stored for up to two years. Diluted with a carrier oil, which our formula is, and the shelf life doubles. We have a synergy blend that we ordered 10 years ago for PMS, which inadvertently promoted sleep, which has several of the same ingredients that Sleep Naturally ® has, is diluted in sweet almond oil, which stabilized and preserved it, that is as potent today as the day we bought it. We are also using a bottle of the same formula that we blended 5 years ago, that is still potent and smells sweet (not sour). Based on our experiences with both formulas, the maximum shelf life of Sleep Naturally ® blend dilution cannot be accurately determined at this time. HOW TO USE IT - Application from the bottle: With the plastic applicator touching your skin, use the bottle as you would a roll-on. Do not touch the oil. If you apply it properly, it will not run, and you won't need to get up to wash your hands afterward. Apply Sleep Naturally ® to one side of your body in a circular motion, forming a two-inch wide strip on the side of your body that you don't sleep on. Starting at your thigh, move down your calf, stopping at just above your ankle. Wait 20 minutes. If you don't feel drowsy, repeat the process using 50% less. We also have a roll-on bottle. See option 3 below. Option 1: Place a washcloth, a clean old hand towel, and a small bowl, half filled with water, on your nightstand to wash your hands with. Sitting on the edge of the bed, cross one leg over the other, rest your ankle on your thigh, so that the sole of your foot is facing upward. Sprinkle 5 drops of Sleep Naturally ® onto your sole. Drop the oil on gently. Do not shake the bottle too hard or you will not be able to count out the drops. Using just the tips of your index and middle fingers, cover your sole and toes with the oil. Apply to the sole of other foot. Wait 15 to 20 minutes, or until the oils are absorbed into the skin. Do not touch the floor. Rinse and wipe your fingers well. Wait 10 to 20 minutes or until you feel drowsy enough to lie down. Use an old towel to protect the sheets. Although it's always best to wash your hands with soap and water after each application, rinsing should suffice as long as you don't touch your eyes or genitals before morning, or whenever you usually wash up, since the oils may cause the delicate tissues to have a burning sensation. Refer to the First Aid section above. Option 2: If you have knee problems, or if you cannot sit up in bed comfortably without support, use a metal basin large enough to put both feet into. Fill the basin with enough warm water to cover both feet. Drop in the oil, starting with 10 drops at first; max 20 drops. It's better to use too little oil than too much the first time. Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes; pat dry. Option 3: Order the roll-on bottle of Sleep Naturally ® instead of our standard bottle with orifice reducer. The benefit of using a roll-on is that you won't touch the oils with your fingers, so you won't have to get up afterward to wash. The challenge initially is that you will need to devise a system for yourself, based on trial and error, to determine exactly how much oil to use next time, as you won't be counting out the drops. Although not as popular as our standard bottle with orifice reducer, we added the roll-on bottle because our loyal customers requested it. Option 4: Our Sleep Naturally ® formula was designed for application directly to the skin from the bottle; however, you may add it to your bath water instead. There is more skin surface covered during bathing, which speeds up absorption. But since water dilutes the oils, we cannot determine exactly how long you should soak; 20 min max. Option 5: Breathe it in from the bottle. This method works best with neat / undiluted essential oils, which Sleep Naturally ® is not. Option 6: Use with a room diffuser, or add 2 to 3 drops to a lit or still hot / liquid unscented candle, preferably in a glass container. WARNING: Never add volatile / flammable oils to a cold hard candle and light it afterward. The oils could ignite (catch on fire / explode) as soon as you light it. © GSPI 2006-16. Rev 11-1-16.

Sleep Naturally
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