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All the right ingredients
Don't be misled by other companies selling sleep aromatherapy, offering you a 20/80 dilution in a larger bottle than ours, that contain a high concentration of lavender, which is for relaxation, not insomnia. Although our bottles may be small, we offer a 50% concentration of the right ingredients to help you sleep. Our costs to formulate Sleep Naturally ® natural sleep aid increased by 32% between 2008 and 2013; however, our retail & wholesale prices have not changed since 2006. Our long-term goal is to expand into wholesale sales worldwide, by ordering larger volumes of our most expensive ingredients directly from the distillers, and from distributors located outside of the Euro zone and Great Britain. Note: We never buy essential oils from China to save money, and neither should you. More ingredients info: SN main / home

Sleep Naturally sleep aromatherapy

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Travel / Trial Size Vials
Trying Sleep Naturally ® for the first time? Consider buying two 1/2 dram (1.85 ml) travel / trial size vials, black screw on caps, 3.7 ml total. The price for both vials is $13.32; same price per ml as our 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle. Use all of the first vial. Wait 20 minutes. If one vial of Sleep Naturally ® doesn't work for you, because it's not enough for you, use some or all of the second vial, or return the unopened vial in "same as new" condition for a credit or a refund. Amber vials come with a plastic pipette so that you can refill the vials from our economy size bottles to use them while traveling. To save money, buy a 10 ml bottle of Sleep Naturally ® and refill the vials using the mini pipette; free shipping

Relaxation CD, stress relief CD, panic / anxiety relief CD, insomnia relief CD. 6 panel eco-friendly digipak. 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Sleep Naturally aromatherapy trial size vials Sleep Naturally aromatherapy trial size vials pipette

Money Saving Offers

  1. 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy + Just Relax... CD: order above.
    Purchased separately: $37.95 | Purchased together: $27.95 | Save $10 | Free shipping
  2. For our valued returning customers: 2-10 ml (1/3 oz) bottles Sleep Naturally ® $60.00; get 1-5 ml (1/3 oz) bottle of Sleep Naturally ®, Just Relax… CD or download card free | Save $18.00 to $19.95 | Contact us | Promotions may expire or change at anytime without notice.
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Cobalt glass aromatherapy bottles
$USD Cap Code
EOB-SN-5 5 ml (1/6 oz) 18 white light green
EOB-SN-10 10 ml (1/3 oz) 30 white dark green
EOB-SN-5R 5 ml (roll-on) 18 silver pink
EOB-SN-9R 9 ml (roll-on) 27 silver purple

Sleep Naturally aromatherapy. Sleep Naturally aromatherapy. Sleep Naturally aromatherapy.

Optional bottle colors (wholesale): amber, green. Optional sizes: 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz. Larger size orders & international orders ship in aluminum canisters. Please read our aromatherapy return / exchange policy before ordering, and check your order upon receipt to make sure that the color-coded dot on the cap matches the "code" column above.

Amber glass aromatherapy vials
1/2 dram / 1.85 ml (1/16 oz)
EOB-TRI-PAK 3 amber vials, 1 ml JR, 1 ml STR, 1.85 ml SN / 3 for $9.00
EOB-SN-VCA 1.85 ml vial, 1-ply full color card front / back; special order
EOB-ANC-SNA 1.85 ml vial, 2-ply full color SN aroma note card; envelope
EOB-SN-AV Info card for our retail trial size vial of SN is solid green
EOB-SN-AV2 2 trial size vials; 1.85 ml each; 3.7 ml total; $13.32 both

Wholesale: 1/2 dram, 5/8 dram; 1 dram, 2 drams. 1 or 2-ply full color display card; special order. Clear bag, white envelope. Optional vial: blue, green (pricey). Wholesale customers, if you qualify to receive a free sample (1 ml amber vial), please be advised that 1 ml of Sleep Naturally ® is not enough for a test.

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Gift certificates: $20 & up

Order two 1.85 ml vials of Sleep Naturally ® so that you can return one, or order our aromatherapy tri-pak for $9, consisting of 3 trial size amber vials: a 1.85 ml vial of Sleep Naturally ®, a 1 ml vial of Just Relax ®, and a 1 ml vial of Stress Relief. No returns; no exchanges.


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Gift certificates: $20 to $100 and up  Buy a 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Sleep Naturally ® and get our Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD at 50% off. Free retail shipping; maximum 1 ounce per package of aromatherapy shipped via the USPS by air.

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