Natural sleep aid
Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend is an all natural sleep aid formulated by GSPI dba Just Relax ®. Fast acting and safe, Sleep Naturally ® is a topical sleep aid, meaning that it is applied to the skin at bedtime.

Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy natural topical sleep aid is a potent woodsy blend containing imported, therapeutic grade essential oils / plant extracts. Most aromatherapy synergy blends for deep natural sleep have only two key ingredients, one of them being lavender oil, which is not highly effective for insomnia. Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy synergy blend has six essential oils, bergamot (bergaptene free), chamomile Roman, marjoram sweet: not for use by pregnant women, neroli (bitter orange blossom), valerian root (we use only the best yellow, not brown), and petitgrain. View label image. Sleep Naturally ® is diluted 50/50 with organic grapeseed oil -- a light, fast absorbing, moisturizing, fragrance free carrier oil -- so that our formula can be applied directly to the skin at bedtime. For your safety, neither the bottles nor the packaging come from China.

Sleep Naturally

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Common causes of insomnia
Eating or exercising too late, worry, stress, pain, depression, anxiety, food allergies, preservatives and chemical food additives such as MSG, hyperthyroidism, simulants such as caffeine and alcohol, sleep apnea, jet lag, medication, change in schedule, hormone imbalance, noise and other environmental conditions, restless leg syndrome, high blood pressure.

It took us ten years to develop and perfect our Sleep Naturally ® sleep aromatherapy formula, which we blend by hand in small batches to keep it fresh. Like any secret recipe, because aromatherapy is neither a food nor a drug (as long as we do not make any claims or have any testimonials), since it is not ingested, it is not governed by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, we are not required by law to give you the exact proportions. Sleep Naturally ® contains 50% essential oils and 50% organic grapeseed oil, in order to safely apply it to the skin. To try to explain why our formula works so well, and why it is more expensive than most, our formula does not contain lavender, which is very inexpensive. Although lavender is beneficial for relaxation, it does not promote deep restful sleep. Instead, our formula contains a very high percentage of neroli oil, the third most expensive essential oil in the world. Furthermore, many if not most companies use a 20/80 dilution to increase their profit margins, which they are under no obligation to divulge. If you see the word "neat" used to describe the product, it will be undiluted, unless the company is disreputable. If we diluted Sleep Naturally ® any more, you would need to use more of it to obtain the desired result, deep restful sleep, and wind up with greasy, stained bedding. Therefore, if you dilute Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy further, and you don't use more product, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness. Rather than adding more carrier oil, try using Smooth All Over cream. SAO contains no mineral oil, which forms a barrier and blocks absorption, is fast absorbing and unscented. Wait until completely absorbed.

Sleep Naturally

View Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy spa kit box label & home spa kit.

Sleep Naturally ® (words only) US Trademark Reg. # 5,063,287, registered 10-18-16 on the principal register, international class 3: essential oils for use in aromatherapy; Inhaler sold filled with essential oils for use in aromatherapy; non-medicated skin creams with essential oils for use in aromatherapy. Our circle logo with the words Sleep Naturally over it will be submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office soon. To view the design, click here.

Sleep Naturally

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