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Christmas spa gift set: Our eco-friendly, organic Christmas home spa kit (red box), and our Spiritual spa gift set (purple box), are unique in that they include our best-selling relaxation, stress relief, insomnia relief / sleep CD, Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep Our Christmas spa gift set is seasonal; our Spiritual spa gift set is sold year round. Also see our spa gift set / spa kit catalogAbout us: GSPI dba Just Relax... ® manufactures a small exclusive line of all natural, organic, eco-friendly, unisex home spa products and spa type gifts.

Christmas spa gift set, eco-friendly, organic, red gable box is seasonal

Christmas spa gift set is seasonal. Ships Nov - Dec at retail | Opt box color purple; see Spiritual | Spa gift set catalog | Opt box style | Upgrades | Contents of spa kit | Promo: buy 4 spa kits; get 1 free | Candle upgrade | Free samples | Free note card | Free shipping | Wholesale | Contact us

Batik facial / eye pillow fabric: sage, hunter, blue-gray, burgundy, brown

 Spruce pillow fabric. If we are out or low on the tiny dots pillow fabric shown
  in the Christmas spa gift set (photo above), we will automatically ship spruce.

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Gift certificates: $20+ | Power nap kit: $27.50 | Soy candle gift set: $22

Our eco-friendly, organic, unisex CHRISTMAS Spa Gift Set and SPIRITUAL Spa Gift Set contains:

  1. 10 ml (1/3 oz) bottle of Just Relax ® aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend, neat / undiluted, cobalt blue bottle, silver label, blue ink, white tamperproof cap with orifice reducer, bubble bag, yellow info card. Option: 10 ml (1/3 oz) bottle of Stress Relief aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend, neat / undiluted, beige info card; special order; n/c. To request the option, see instructions.
  2. Promo: 1 ml empty amber vial, orifice reducer, black cap, mini pipette to create a travel size vial.
  3. Warm-cool aromatherapy (optional) facial pillow, washable, 100% imported cotton batik; colors: red, purple, gold, green with turquoise dots; Option: spruce print fabric, beige or purple hook & loop side closure, 8 oz organic flax seeds, info card instructs you or your customer to infuse seeds with essential oil from the bottle, or use pillow unscented as a warm-cool pack, heat sealed cello bag, silver oval label.
  4. Bag of Dead Sea mineral bath salts, pure / unadulterated, unscented; net wt: 8 oz / dry measure: 1 cup, 3 treatments, leakproof zipper bag, hunter (Christmas) / purple (Spiritual) drawstring jute pouch, blue info card, silver oval label, heat sealed cello bag. Option: 3.7 oz leakproof bag of "Just Mud" Dead Sea mineral mud. Pair of gray, size medium, hypo-allergic nitrile gloves, gray info card, clear bag. Special order; n/c; contact us.
  5. Soy candle, 4 oz votive (domestic) or 2 oz jar (international), white, unscented, cobalt glass votive, silver labels, instructions, cello bag. Upgrade: 8 oz soy candle. Use mini pipette (2 above) to drop essential oils onto a hot candle to create an aromatherapy candle.
  6. Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD by Gail Seymour, 3 tracks: 66 min, music & words: English, eco-friendly digipak, shrink wrapped; 30 day guarantee. Option: Download card. Search for our title on, select download album MP3, enter card #. Special order; n/c; contact us.
  7. Note card: All Seeing Eye image, white envelope. Included only if the kit is a gift.
  8. Free samples Included only if the kit is not a gift.

Most of the items above are also sold separately.

  • Other: (a) gable box, red pinstripe: Christmas / purple solid: Spiritual; (b) box label image: All Seeing Eye below; (c) Spring-Fill ® vanilla; (d) form letter (blue paper, tropical fish) with our guarantee, exchange & return policies. Custom: click here. Assembly: wholesale (optional); promotions, click here. Shipping wt: 2.85 lb. (without samples & promos). Misc: Nothing is from China. Made in the USA.
  • Please indicate which aromatherapy formula you prefer. Type Just Relax ® or Stress Relief into the comments section of our cart. If no preference is indicated, we will include Just Relax.

Sugg retail: $65 | Our price: $55 | Free shipping

Free samples: 1 oz unscented natural mineral deodorant crystal / rock, retail
only, supplies are very limited; OR a 2 oz bag Smooth All Over cream / lotion.

2 oz soy jar candle with lid Twin soy candle gift set; aromatherapy optional; embroidered gift bag Gift certificates: $20 to $100 and up
Soy candle upgrade: 200% more Twin soy candle gift set Gift cards

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The All Seeing Eye is a universal symbol of enlightenment, familiar to those who meditate, pray, or have the desire to become enlightened -- defined as a higher state of consciousness; a higher vibration. It is also referred to as the All Seeing Eye of God. The box label and note card images (see link above) on this page is a photograph of a stained glass widow from the ceiling of a small church in northern Italy or southern Switzerland. The image was offered / loaned to us by Gregorio Speranza © 2009. Speranza in Italian means hope. Gregorio is a professional photographer and former high school photography teacher. Born in Italy, he resides in southern Switzerland.

Free full color 2-ply note card with All Seeing Eye image.
To see the All Seeing Eye image large format, click here.

Valerie Uvarov (Russia), in his book The Pyramids © 2009, page 75, writes: "Being of a single structure with the Universe (The Creator), each human being possesses, and at the same time is a source of energy connected directly with God, who is the source of all knowledge and energies. Therefore, every human being is a particle (or projection) of the Godhead. Through the eyes of every human being, God (the All Seeing Eye) observes the world, comprehending the laws of the Nature of the World of a higher order." Can you see a triangle or pyramid around the All Seeing Eye image? If not, click on the link above. We previously thought that it was the holy trinity. But now we're not so sure. According to Mr. Uvarov, all of the great pyramids on Earth are both resonators and receivers, as are we. The shape of the pyramids, some of which have steps or levels, represent the seven energy bodies of man, although Mr. Uvarov states that we have nine energy bodies, not seven. So although the image on our box label was photographed inside a Catholic church, it might actually represent the Egyptians' knowledge of the energetic relationship between man and God. For a link to Mr. Uvarov's 197 pg book online, and to learn about Gail Seymour's experience of seeing The All Seeing Eye in the dream state, contact us.

Spiritual spa gift set, eco-friendly, organic, purple gable box available year round.

More box colors: yellow, blue, green | Optional pillow fabric: spruce | Opt box style | Upgrades | Spa gift set catalog | Contents of spa kit | Promo: buy 4 kits get 1 free | Candle upgrade | Free samples | Free note card | Free shipping | Gift certificates 
This home spa kit / spa gift set is ideal for people of all faiths.   
If our supply of multi-colored eye pillow fabric with dots is
low, we reserve the right to replace it with purple scallops

Home spa kit / spa gift set catalog

To view a large, fast loading, low res PDF file of most of our spa kits at a glance, click here.

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