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Our Remember pink ribbons and pink box spa gift set / home spa kit is a fundraiser to promote breast cancer awareness. Chemical free, paraben free, cruelty free; not tested on animals. GSPI d/b/a Just Relax... ® designs and manufactures a small exclusive line of all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, personal care home spa products to promote relaxation and deep natural sleep, to reduce stress and manage anxiety. About Us / Home

Remember home spa kit / breast cancer awareness spa gift set, pink ribbons, eco-friendly, organic

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Home spa kit / spa gift set catalog

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Our eco-friendly, organic REMEMBER Deluxe Home Spa Kit / Spa Gift Set contains:

  1. 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Just Relax ® aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend, neat / undiluted, cobalt blue bottle, silver label, blue ink, white tamperproof cap with orifice reducer, bubble bag, yellow info card. Option 1: 9 ml cobalt roll-on bottle, silver cap; diluted 50/50 with grapeseed oil, for application directly to the skin; special order; n/c. Option 2: 10 ml neat / undiluted of either formula: Just Relax ® or Stress Relief.
  2. 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Stress Relief aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend, neat undiluted, (same as item 1 above), beige info card. Option: 9 ml cobalt roll-on bottle, silver cap; diluted 50/50 with grapeseed oil, for application directly to the skin. 
  3. Promo: 1 ml empty amber vial, orifice reducer, black cap, mini pipette to create a travel size vial. 
  4. Warm-cool aromatherapy (optional) facial pillow, washable, 100% imported cotton print. Option 1: fuchsia, burgundy, burnt orange, and a hint of light blue, with pale pink ribbons; purple or pink hook & loop side closure. Option 2: pink, light blue and orange, with purple ribbons; pink or light blue hook & loop side closure. 8 oz of organic flax seed, info card instructs you or your customer to infuse the seeds with the essential oil from one of the bottles, or to use the pillow unscented as a warm-cool pack; heat sealed cello bag, silver oval label.
  5. Bag of Dead Sea mineral bath salts, unscented, net wt: 8 oz / dry measure: 1 cup, 3 treatments, leakproof zipper bag, blue info card, burgundy / wine or purple drawstring jute pouch; silver oval label, heat sealed cello bag.
  6. 3.7 oz leakproof bag of pure, unadulterated "Just Mud" Dead Sea mineral mud. Pair of gray, size medium, hypo-allergic nitrile disposable gloves, gray info card, clear bag.
  7. Soy candle, 4 oz votive (domestic) or 2 oz jar (international), white, unscented, cobalt glass votive, silver labels, instructions, cello bag. Upgrade: 8 oz soy candle. Use mini pipette (2 above) to drop essential oils onto a hot candle to create an aromatherapy candle.
  8. Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD by Gail Seymour, 3 tracks: 66 min, music & words: English, eco-friendly digipak, shrink wrapped; 30 day guarantee. Option: Download card. Search for our title on, select download album MP3, enter card #. Special order, n/c; contact us.
  9. Natural mineral deodorant (minerals & water), recommended by oncologists during chemotherapy, .83 fl oz net, spray bottle, heat sealed cello bag.
  10. Smooth All Over natural, face, neck and body cream, unscented, no mineral oil or chemical preservatives, 2 oz net, cobalt glass jar, silver label, white cap, heat sealed cello bag, white info card.
  11. Note card image: Remember (Sept - Oct) or Ribbons (available year round); white envelope.
Most of the items above are also sold separately.

  • Other: (a) cotton candy pink pinstripe gable box; optional box: purple; (b) box label image: Remember; (c) Spring-Fill ®, vanilla; (d) form letter (blue paper, tropical fish) with our guarantee, exchange & return policies. Assembly: wholesale (optional); promotion, click here. Shipping wt: 4 lb. (without samples & promos). Misc: Nothing is from China. Made in the USA.

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2 oz soy candle; cobalt glass, white lid
Soy candle upgrade: 100-200% more
      Remember home spa kit / spa gift set box label

BOX LABEL: Remember Deluxe Home Spa Kit. Fundraiser to promote breast cancer awareness. Text at bottom: Aromatherapy, Aroma-pillow, Just Relax CD, mineral bath salt & deodorant, soy candle, other. Optional box label: see Ribbons. Custom box label & note card: For more custom box labels, click here.

WRAP ROBE: The cotton ribbons fabric, or another pink batik print fabric, can also be made into a simple kimono style wrap robe. Special order; contact us.

        think before you pink        

Many companies add pink ribbons to their merchandise in October, calling it a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, but one never really knows where the supposed donation will wind up, if anywhere. GSPI dba Just Relax... ® donates $5 from the sale of every Remember and Ribbons home spa kits / spa gift sets sold at retail on our site to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Education Fund. To learn more about the NBCC, see

        Smooth All Over          

SAO ingredients | SAO info card | Natural mineral deodorant

Fragrance free, pesticide free, aluminum free (heavy metals are a contributor to Alzheimer's disease) paraben / preservative free, mineral oil (a petroleum by-product) free, cruelty free: not tested on animals.

I formulated an all-purpose face & neck cream with SAO as its base. I added a substantial amount of organic argan oil to SAO to create a new formula for myself. I also added non-sticky, all natural NAPCA, which I have used for 15 years, that attracts moisture, to create a moisturizing, age-defying day cream. I use SAO PLUS under my makeup or without makeup. When I use it under my makeup, since I also use an oily makeup with natural oils for dry skin, I sometimes have to blot. I have been testing the formula on myself for two years. SAO PLUS saves me lots of time. Now I can apply all of the same natural products that I've used for years, without having to wait for each of them to dry or soak in. -- Gail Seymour, Pres., GSPI dba Just Relax ®

This formula is for dry, aging skin like mine. Instead of adding argan oil to SAO, try adding baobab oil instead. You can also use marula oil. Both are nut oils from Africa. Marula is as good as baobab, but it smells like an ashtray. Because both marula and baobab are considerably heavier than argan, don't use either under your makeup or your face will be too oily.
  SAO face, neck & body cream, natural, unscented; 2 oz jar   Natural mineral spray deodorant, unscented, no preservatives

2 oz jar net; cobalt glass jar: $5 & $9 | SAO-2 
No parabens or fragrance; add your own scent.
Spa kit upgrade: $5         Purchased alone: $9


.83 fl oz spray bottle: $2.50 | NMD-Mini
Ingredients: minerals & water. Spa kit
upgrade. Limit one bottle per spa kit.

PROMO: Buy a 2 oz jar of SAO for $9 and get a 2 oz refill free. Free
shipping: Continental US, AK, HI, PR, APO/FPO, US protectorates.

   Smooth All Over Cream / Lotion - Sizes   

Retail: 2 oz glass jar: $9 | 8 oz bag / refill: $10 | 16 oz econ jar: $22 | Wholesale: 2 oz & 8 oz leakproof bags; 33.3 oz plastic bottle; 1 gal | Wholesale price list: contact us

Free Sample
2 oz bag of SAO is included free of charge with the purchase of one of our home spa kits / spa gift sets, and with the purchase a 16 oz economy size jar of Smooth All Over. Try the sample first. If you don't like it, you may return or exchange the unopened jar within 30 days to: GSPI, PO Box 8381, Delray Beach, FL 33482.

General Product Info
SAO is ideal for mixing with our undiluted aromatherapy synergy blends: Just Relax ® and
Stress Relief, to safely apply the neat / undiluted essential oils to the skin, not the face, as an alternative to bathing. Combine SAO with our Sleep Naturally™ aromatherapy synergy blend to create Sleep Naturally™ Body Moisturizer & After Shower Cream for a good night's sleep. SAO contains no mineral oil, a petroleum by-product found in most body lotions, which creates an absorption barrier, and which is banned in Europe. Contains no parabens (harmful preservatives), toxic chemicals or pesticides; not tested on animals. Most cobalt glass jars are made in China for affordability. To keep you safe, our cobalt glass jars are made in the UK.

Custom Formulation
We can add the aromatherapy for you, using one of our formulas, Just Relax ® or Stress Relief. The amount of aromatherapy shall not exceed five percent of the total volume of SAO lotion / cream.

               SAO face, neck & body cream; natural, unscented; 8 oz refill         

8 oz refill: $10 | Free shipping | Final sale | Smooth All Over jar & bag label


 Smooth All Over - Economy Jar

Most body lotions are chemically scented. We spent six years sourcing and testing ultra-premium unscented lotions until we found one that was good enough to put our name on. We've been using it on our face and body for two years. It is outstanding! Unscented Smooth All Over cream / lotion can be scented by adding a few drops of neat / undiluted aromatherapy (free sample with purchase) to the jar; mix well. CAUTION: Do not mix SAO with aromatherapy and apply it to the face. Keep aromatherapy away from eyes. To apply aromatherapy to the face, use it with our aromatherapy facial pillow. On Feb. 3, 2010, Dr. Mehmet Ozz's TV show was devoted to harmful, unwanted ingredients contained in cosmetics. He said, "Lavender and chamomile (essential oils) are drying. They should not to be applied to the face."

SAO face, neck & body cream; natural, unscented; 16 oz jar

16 oz net; cobalt PET (recycled plastic) jar, white cap: $22.00 | Free
| Return unopened jar if you do not like the 2 oz free sample.
Buying a gift? Royal embroidered beaded organza gift pouch: $3.50

COMING SOON: 16 oz jar of SAO pre-mixed with Just Relax... ® lavender aromatherapy blend or 16 oz jar of SAO pre-mixed with Stress Relief citrus aromatherapy synergy blend. Why a jar? The lotion is so thick and luxurious that it is difficult to squeeze out of a bottle. WARNING: Do not buy or use Smooth All Over if you are allergic to nuts. Not sure? Perform a 24 hour patch test.

You'll notice the difference
Use SAO twice daily, morning and night, and in 4 to 6 months even the deepest wrinkles will be reduced. SAO is an all purpose cream. Try it once and you'll never buy another expensive neck cream, night cream, wrinkle cream, cuticle or hand cream and foot cream. That's a huge savings! Because SAO is unscented, it's ideal for men too. "I had to consider whether I really wanted to spend $23.00 for a four ounce bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, which I had been using exclusively for ten years. I decided to try Smooth All Over as an under makeup moisturizer instead, since it's rich in natural oils. And although I have to blot my face a bit, since my makeup also contains oils, SAO is a lot less expensive and far more beneficial for my aging skin than the Clinique moisturizer is." - Gail Seymour    

Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), carbomer, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol & ceteareth-20, coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, glycerin, glyceryl monostearate, helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil, phenoxetol (preservative), prunus amygoalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, purified water, sodium citrate, vitamin E & grapeseed oil. Fast absorbing. Thin enough to wear under your makeup as a moisturizer. Rev. 10-14. To view an image of the Smooth All Over info card, click here.

Wholesale customers
SAO comes in larger sizes: 33.3 oz bottle; 1 gallon jug. For a link to our wholesale price list, contact us.

Add more antioxidants
Break open 1 or 2 Coenzyme Q-10 capsules (oil, uncolored) and add them to the 2 oz jar of Smooth All Over. Reserve that jar for your face and neck. A bottle of CoQ-10 costs about $12. It's well worth it, since a jar or tube of face cream that contains even the smallest amount CoQ-10 will cost you $30 and up.

Natural Mineral Deodorant

This is an upgrade to our home spa kits / spa gift sets. The spray mini is included in our Remember (above) and Ribbons spa kits. Most deodorants contain an aluminum derivative / heavy metals, which has been linked to Alzheimer's (brain) disease and dementia (memory loss). Restrictions: If you attempt to buy more than one mini spray deodorant per spa kit, your order will be canceled. 

More personal care products & gift ideas: Dead Sea bath salt & mud

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