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Ribbons spa gift set / home spa kit with pink ribbons is a fundraiser to promote breast cancer awareness. GSPI dba Just Relax... ® designs and manufactures a small exclusive line of all-natural and organic, eco-friendly, unisex spa-type personal care products. Chemical free, paraben free, cruelty free. About Us / Home | Endorsed by the Association for Holistic Health

Ribbons home spa kit / breast cancer awareness spa gift set; eco-friendly, organic

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Ribbons home spa kit / spa gift set box label

Box label: Ribbons box label (above) is not the same as Remember box label.
Aromatherapy, Aroma-pillow, Just Relax... CD, mineral bath salt & deodorant, soy candle, other.

Our eco-friendly, organic RIBBONS Deluxe Home Spa Kit / Spa Gift Set contains:

  1. 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Just Relax... ® aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend, neat / undiluted, cobalt blue bottle, silver label, blue ink, white tamperproof cap with orifice reducer, sealed protective bubble bag, yellow info card. Option 1: 9 ml roll-on; cobalt bottle, silver cap; diluted 50/50 with grapseed oil for application directly to the skin. Option 2: 10 ml bottle of neat / undiluted bottle of aromatherapy: Just Relax ® or Stress Relief.
  2. 5 ml (1/6 oz) bottle of Stress Relief aromatherapy essential oil synergy blend, neat / undiluted, (same as 1 above), beige info card. Option: 9 ml roll-on; cobalt bottle, silver cap; diluted 50/50 with grapeseed oil for application directly to the skin.
  3. Promo: 1 ml empty amber vial, orifice reducer, black cap, mini pipette to create a travel size vial.
  4. Warm-cool aromatherapy (optional) facial pillow, washable, 100% imported cotton batik print: fuchsia, burgundy, burnt orange, and a hint of light blue, with pale pink ribbons; purple or pink hook & loop side closure. Optional fabric: purple scallops. 8 oz of organic flax seed, info card instructs you or your customer to infuse the seeds with the essential oil from the bottle, or to use pillow unscented, as a warm-cool pack; heat sealed cello bag, silver oval label.
  5. Bag of Dead Sea mineral bath salts, unscented, net wt: 8 oz / dry measure: 1 cup, 3 treatments, leakproof zipper bag, blue info card, purple or burgundy / wine drawstring jute pouch; silver oval label, heat sealed cello bag.
  6. 3.7 oz leakproof bag of pure, unadulterated "Just Mud" Dead Sea mineral mud. Pair of gray, size medium, hypo-allergic nitrile gloves, gray info card, clear bag.
  7. Soy candle, 4 oz votive (domestic) or 2 oz jar (international), white, unscented, cobalt glass votive, silver oval label, instructions, cello bag. Upgrade: 8 oz soy candle. Use pipette (2 above) to drop essential oils onto a hot candle to create an aromatherapy candle.
  8. Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD by Gail Seymour, 3 tracks: 66 min, music & words: English, eco-friendly digipak, shrink wrapped; 30 day guarantee. Option: Download card. Search for our title on, select download album MP3, enter card #. Special order, n/c; contact us
  9. Natural mineral deodorant (minerals & water), recommended by oncologists during chemotherapy, .83 fl oz net, spray bottle, heat sealed cello bag.
  10. Smooth All Over natural, face, neck and body cream, unscented, no mineral oil or chemical preservatives, 2 oz net, cobalt glass jar, silver label, white cap, heat sealed cello bag, white info card.
  11. Note card image: Ribbons, white envelope. Card image is the same as our eye pillow fabric.

 Most of the items above are also sold separately.

  • Other: (a) purple gable box; (b) box label: Ribbons; (c) Spring-Fill ® vanilla; (d) form letter (blue paper tropical fish) with our guarantee, exchange & return policies. Assembly: wholesale (opt); promotions: click here. Shipping wt: 4 lb. (without samples & promos). Misc: Nothing is from China. Made in the USA.

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Free sample: 2 oz bag Smooth All Over | Candle upgrade: 100-200% more

2 oz soy jar candle; cobalt glass, white lid        

BOX LABEL: Text at bottom: Aromatherapy, Aroma-pillow, Just Relax... CD, mineral bath salt & deodorant, soy candle, other. Custom box label: We will replace the words "Home Spa Kit" with your message. For examples of custom spa kit box labels, click here

WRAP ROBE: The ribbons fabric (same as image above), made of 100% imported cotton batik, can be made into a wrap style robe. Special order; contact us. Optional fabric color scheme: light blue & pink.
We donate our Just Relax... CD and our Remember Spa Kit to various breast cancer organizations. Gift certificates
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