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reseller catalog

This is our reseller's spa kit catalog sheet; page one / front. We developed it for our wholesale customers, sales reps, distributors and others who may be taking orders for our spa kits at trade shows, meetings, classes, conferences and the like. Our information has been omitted from the top, so that you can customize the document by adding your info and/or message at the bottom. The document will be provided on a CD. That way you can print as many copies as you like. Let us know and we will can add your name, address, phone, web, email, etc. -- or a whole paragraph -- at the bottom at no charge. Or you can add your own label after it's printed. You will receive a CD by mail with two documents: front & back, ready for color copying. Bath documents have a 1/4" white border all around. Instruct the copy operator to set their computer to page scaling none -- or the border will be too wide and the image too small. Color copies cost 60 cents each. To receive up to 100 copies of our pre-printed, full-color color spa kits catalog, with our info at the top, free of charge, please contact us. Trademark: Our sleep products are experiencing a name change to Sleep Naturally. We applied for a US trademark for Sleep Naturally in class 03 aromatherapy in March, 2016.
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