Wholesale Spa Products
Wholesale aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blends, wholesale bath & body products, wholesale yoga accessories, wholesale batik robes / unisex: for men and women, wholesale hotel amenities, wholesale spa gift sets, wholesale home spa kits, wholesale soy candle gift sets, wholesale aromatherapy / essential oil synergy blends, wholesale cotton batik eye / facial pillows, wholesale relaxation sleep CD and download gift card. Our eco-friendly bath & body products and home spa kits / spa gift sets can be customized and custom imprinted for your needs. We drop ship, private label, export & bulk ship. Our wholesale & drop ship price lists are on our server. To request a wholesale and/or drop ship price list, please contact us. Link(s) will be emailed after we evaluate your eligibility. Our minimum wholesale order is still only $100. Shipping discounts & promos are available year round. For order info, click here.


At this time, free shipping is for our US customers only. Offer pertains to a mix of our standard merchandise only. Promotion (4-15 to ?): Orders from $150 to $249 also ship for free, as long as all of the merchandise fits into a medium size USPS flat rate box. Promos may change or expire at any time without notice.


Because we are calling on yoga studios and other ultra small businesses that have very limited retail space, if you are running low on a few items, and you have previously placed a wholesale order of $100 or more with us, and your current order does not meet our $100 minimum, let us know and we will be happy to work with you. Since our staff is very limited, we cannot take ultra small wholesale order by phone more than once a month. But if you're in a pinch, don't hesitate to contact us. No free shipping or shipping discounts, special offers and promos are available with wholesale orders less than $100.

Retail customers: Our wholesale page is not for you. Please visit our home page. Thank you!

Drop shipping
Yes, we drop ship. You are not permitted to sell our goods on eBay auction or on any other discount website. Your site must be built and have been online for a minimum of one year to apply. Exception: Brick & mortar retailers that do cross marketing -- they email, snail mail and/or phone customers, inviting them to visit their sites. Options: (a) you have a built site that's been online for less than one year; (b) you don't want the aggravation or have the time, staff or funds to set up a store; (c) you are a busy service provider, you don't have the time or the staff to answer complex product questions; (d) you have a natural or alternative health blog, and you're looking to make money, see affiliate program.

If the company that is building your website now has asked you
to request our drop ship price list, please read item 7: click here

Affiliate Program
Our affiliate program is scheduled to start as soon as we become more pro-active, by contacting small brick & mortar businesses, inviting them to become either online affiliates or wholesale customers. GSPI dba Just Relax ® features products that we manufacture ourselves, and services such as stress relief and health coaching, based on common health issues and little known or misunderstood mental health issues that we have either experienced ourselves, or studied, taught and mastered. If you're wondering what the necessary criteria are that make up any good affiliate program -- one that you would find worth joining -- visit our affiliate program web page. There you will find questions and answers that you will want to and need to read before applying, as well as examples of who should apply

Home Spa Kit Catalog
We invite you to print our home spa kit catalog sheets (2 pages / links below) on your computer, if you need a few of them while our glossy printed catalog one sheet is being revised. We will reprint our catalog in 2017, now that our US Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy trademark has been approved. As soon as the sheets are available, if you are a wholesale customer or distributor, and you need a supply of printed catalog sheets for your store, a show, or a mailing, please contact us. If you are not currently a wholesale customer, and you need a supply, we will be happy to mail them to you at our cost: 21.5 cents each plus postage.

  • Catalog page 1 front / images. To view & print a PDF doc in full color, click here
  • Catalog page 2 back / text. To view & print a PDF doc in black & white, click here
Reseller's Home Spa Kit Catalog
Our info has been omitted from the top of page one. If you want your info to appear at the top of page one / front instead of ours -- or if you want a paragraph added at the bottom of page one / front, replacing our descriptive info, download the file to a CD or request that we mail you a CD at no charge. To save you money color copying the document, we can have our spa kit catalog sheet printed for you at our cost. 1,000 copies printed two sides -- front in full color; back (text only) in black and white; $190 plus tax and shipping. Paper proof optional: $27. Emailed proof: n/c. Any changes made after the proof is received costs $50. If our graphic designer gets involved, there will be a set up and document transmission fee of $25. 

About our circle logo / Trademarks
You may be wondering what our logo, featured above on the top left, represents. In most cultures the circle is the symbol for wholeness and balance. In others cultures it represents the Creator / God. The orange part of our logo - the small circle represents a person's head, and the orange loop represents their body with arms stretched upward could represent a person with their arms stretched upward. The term holistic health comes from the word whole. Over time the first letter (w) of the word whole was dropped, but the term still applies to the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Click here to read about the history of the Association for Holistic Health. Our logo colors are typically found in Florida, where we're based. A yellow circle represents the warm tropical sun. The colors orange and lemon yellow represent for the Florida citrus industry. The circle logo above is a trademark of GSPI, reg # 3,344,425, issued 6-10-08. We also have trademarks for Just Relax ® and Sleep Naturally ®. Our circle logo with the words Sleep Naturally over it was submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (12-16). To view the design, click here.

Table of Contents

Home Spa Kits | Spa Gift Sets
 Catalog: images / front | text / back | Spa kit links list

Home Spa Kit / Spa Gift Set Catalog (left to right): Just Relax, Stress Relief, Sleep Naturally, Remember: Breast Cancer Awareness, Deluxe, Surfside, Valentine / Love


Buy 4 spa kits; get free shipping. Valid in Cont. US, AK, HI, PR, APO/FPO. Or buy 4 get 1 free. Promotions change quarterly. Details: contact us. We can customize our box labels and note cards for you affordably in low quantities. Free with wholesale spa kit orders of $250 and up.

Yoga meditation spa gift set / home spa kit box labels

Marketing info
50% + of our retail sales online are men shopping for family members: individuals and couples, and for friends: individuals and couples. Since our home spa kits gift line (and all of our products) are unisex, with cleans lines and uncluttered prints on the fabric, we recommend that you market and sell to both men and women. Otherwise, you'll be missing 50% of your potential revenue.

What's included / what's not
Home spa kits purchased at wholesale will not include promotional and sample items such as a deodorant rock (they're almost gone), or a 2 oz bag of Smooth All Over cream. If your wholesale order is $250 or more, we will include our matching note cards; n/c. Each of our home spa kits includes our guarantee, exchange, return letter. To read it, click here

     I. Unisex Seaside Motif Home Spa Kits / Spa Gift Sets

A. Just Relax... ® Home Spa Kit / Just Relax... ® Spa Gift Set
Standard box color: HSK-JR-YEL (yellow)
Optional box color: HSK-JR-BLU (blue)

B. Stress Relief Home Spa Kit / Stress Relief  Spa Gift Set
Standard box color: HSK-STR-BGE (beige)
Optional box color: HSK-STR-BLU (blue)

C. Sleep Naturally ® Home Spa Kit
Standard box color: HSK-SN-BLU (blue)
Optional box color: HSK-SN-PUR (purple)

D. Deluxe Home Spa Kit / Deluxe Spa Gift Set
Standard box color: HSK-DXE-PUR (purple)
Optional box color: HSK-DXE-YEL (yellow)

E. Christmas Home Spa Kit / Christmas Spa Gift Set
Box color / seasonal: HSK-ASE-RED (red)

F. Spiritual Home Spa Kit / Spiritual Spa Gift Set
Box color: HSK-ASE-PUR (purple)
More box colors: yellow, blue, green

G.  Surfside Home Spa Kit / Surfside Spa Gift Set
Standard box color: HSK-SRF-GRN (green)
Optional box color: HSK-SRF-PUR (purple)

H.  Valentine Home Spa Kit / Valentine Spa Gift Set
Box color / seasonal: HSK-LV-RED (red)
For home spa kit image & info:  click here

I.   Love in the Sand Home Spa Kit / Spa Gift Set with rainbow hearts
Box color: HSK-LV-BGE (beige)
More box colors: yellow, green, purple

J. Remember Home Spa Kit / Breast Cancer Awareness Spa Gift Set
Standard box color: HSK-BCA-PNK (pink)
More box colors: HSK-BCA-PUR (purple)

K.  Ribbons Home Spa Kit / Breast Cancer Awareness Spa Gift Set
Box color: HSK-RBN-PUR (purple)

L. Yoga Meditation - box labels w/ ohm symbols for the yoga marketplace

  Essential Oils

   Aromatherapy synergy blends (left to right): Just Relax, Stress Relief, Sleep Naturally

II. Aromatherapy / Essential Oil Synergy Blends (3 formulas)

A. Trial size vials                            JR, STR 1 ml | SN 1.85 ml | Full color card

Just Relax ® synergy blend: EOB-JR-VA EOB-JR-VCA
Stress Relief synergy blend: EOB-STR-VA EOB-STR-VCA
Sleep Naturally ® syn blend: EOB-SN-VA EOB-SN-VCA

B. Aroma note cards                                         Special Order

C. Economy size bottles: 5 ml, 10 ml | Roll-on bottles: 5 ml, 9 ml

1. Just Relax... ® essential oil synergy blend
(a)   5 ml (1/6 oz): EOB-JR-5
(b) 10 ml (1/3 oz) EOB-JR-10
(c)   5 ml (1/6 oz): EOB-JR-5R
(d)   9 ml: EOB-JR-9R

  2. Stress Relief  essential oil synergy blend
(a)   5 ml (1/6 oz): EOB-STR-5
(b) 10 ml (1/3 oz): EOB-STR-10
(c)   5 ml (1/6 oz): EOB-STR-5R
(d)   9 ml: EOB-STR-9R

  3. Sleep Naturally ® essential oil synergy blend
(a)   5 ml (1/6 oz): EOB-SN-5
(b) 10 ml (1/3 oz): EOB-SN-10
(c)   5 ml (1/6 oz): EOB-SN-5R
(d)   9 ml: EOB-SN-9R

Other: 4 oz bottle; aluminum canisters (sizes vary). Sleep Naturally ® is available for export worldwide in bulk (aluminum canisters). We formulate Sleep Naturally ® in the US, although we are able to formulate it and ship it from the UK, AUS and South Africa for our international wholesale customers.

Special orders; bottle color and size: The bottles we stock and use are 5 ml (1/6 oz) and 10 ml (1/3 oz) cobalt blue; white cap. Also available in green (same price as blue); amber (brown) costs 75% less. Plastic caps: white (stock), black, silver, silver metal (pricey). Allow 4 weeks to receive your order; minimums apply.

International - We have a UK distributor. Australia: Sydney. Canada: We can arrange for manufacturing and bottling in Vancouver (min 1,500 units); Ontario (smaller orders).

Aromatherapy Pillows

III.  Warm-Cool Aromatherapy (optional) Facial Pillows  
     & Aromatherapy / Essential Oil Synergy Blends (3 sets)

     The fabrics we use are seasonal. Before ordering you may want to request swatches.

A. Just Relax ® facial pillow, synergy blend - 1 pillow + 1 ml amber vial: FP-JR
B. Stress Relief facial pillow, synergy blend - 1 pillow + 1 ml amber vial: FP-STR
C. Sleep Naturally ® facial pillow, syn. blend - 1 pillow + 1.85 ml amber vial: FP-SN

Pillows may also be ordered in quantities, without the vials of essential oil. To save money on shipping, order the pillows without the seeds and we’ll discount this item. Use brown. Yellow is too soft. Seeds becomes mushy when essential oils are added.

  Just Relax... CD

   Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep CD - front cover art (c) 2002 - 2010 GSPI. All rights reserved.

IV. Just Relax - Relaxing to Sleep (long title)

Just Relax... (short title) / 1 CD, English: JR-CD-E
Version 3 bar code: 634479279546; released 6-06.
Track 3 music: Starlight Beach.

Domestic wholesale customers: Order our CD from us. International wholesale
customers: Order from us or through our UK distributor, DiscorD Distribution.

To see our six panel digipak, click here | To hear audio samples, click here.

Download card: JR-DL-CARD | Customized on front w/ your logo: min 100.

   Misc Products  
Cotton batik fabric swatch; Relaxwear by Gail Seymour       Twin soy candle gift set; unscented candles, aromatherapy is separate. Create a scented candle or use in the bath


  • Relaxwear by Gail Seymour: cotton & rayon batik robes; rayon batik sarongs
  • 1 ml & 1.85 ml amber vials of aromatherapy for brick & mortar retail stores.            

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           Aromatherapy Note Cards

Images by Chris Gagnon. Photos by Sean McAusland & Gregorio Speranza (c) 2010 GSPI. All rights reserved.
       Meditation Photography
        Display at your office | Sell to your customers
       We are adding a line of relaxing photos to sell as is, and to create a larger 
        selection of custom spa gift set box labels & note cards for our customers.

           Two Fish. Photo by Gail Seymour (c) GSPI 2010. All righs reserved.
               Two Fish by Gail Seymour © 2010 GSPI. All rights reserved.

         Pay Later / Credit     

Because our minimum wholesale order is still only $100.00, and we have a wholesale for life program, we generally do not to extend credit to our wholesale customers, unless they are a well established company like Whole Foods. For short term credit, we recommend using PayPal's "pay later" option to extend your payment time by two weeks. This will give you time to receive, inspect and return the order if necessary, before the funds are deducted from your checking account.

              Private Labeling    
            Wholesale only; min wholesale order per product category: $100
            We will not warehouse or drop ship private labeled merchandise.

The difference between private labeling our bottles of essential oil and customizing our other products with your company's name and/or message is considerable. With private labeling, once your info is printed on the label instead of ours, creating the perception by your customers and the general public that the product was manufactured by you (and not us), in the eyes of the law, you immediately assume the responsibility for any and all product liability that may arise, and you will probably need to buy expensive product liability insurance. Even though you don't actually manufacture or formulate the product, as soon as your label is on it, and ours is omitted, you become the manufacturer. We shopped around for affordable product liability insurance for five years. We finally found it. If you are interested in private labeling, you don't have insurance yet, and you want to buy it affordably, let us know.

Consider this: If your customer has an allergic reaction to one of our products, or if they have questions about product application, now that it is your product (and not ours), they would be dealing with you (and not us) as their sole / exclusive (not primary) contact. Once you accept delivery of the private labeled product, at which point we are no longer the manufacturer (you are), although would will be happy to assist you, so that you may in turn assist your customers, your customers may not be apprised of who we are, or referred to us for questions. We are literally "out of the loop" the moment we add your label to our product, even if it is still in our possession, meaning that it either hasn't shipped yet, or that it is in transit. As soon as your label goes on the bottle, or, if there is no label on it, meaning that you will be adding a label at your location, as long we have a purchase order from you and your payment, our 30-day return policy becomes null and void, since we cannot resell or restock our shelves with the merchandise at that point. We will, however, guarantee that your order is delivered safely and on time, free from defects. Private labeled glass bottles shipped to a US address may be shipped from Florida or Ontario, Canada, depending upon your location. If you are in Europe, we have two UK distributors to assist you. Since our cobalt glass bottles are made in the UK, not China, the bottling can be done there. We can order amber bottles for you to save money. We can also private label the info cards onto which our vials of aromatherapy are mounted. We would use our plain colored / solid, heavy weight paper. Gray, blue, yellow, beige, white and green are our stock colors. Additional colors (including pink) can be ordered from our local paper store, which we would then photocopy. You would pay our graphic designer a one time set up fee. We will not offer this unless you are actively marketing several of our other products, since it would be a very time consuming task.

            Product Samples 
If we advise you that you are qualified to sell our goods, and give you permission to do so, if you would like to order our Sample Pack for $9.95 (less than wholesale), you will receive an evaluation / in-store listening copy of our Just Relax... CD and 3 assorted vials of our aromatherapy synergy blends; free shipping. To hear a 2-minute audio file of Just Relax..., please scroll up to our CD section.

The Sample Pack is non-refundable. The price of the Sample Pack, or $9.95, will be refunded to you 30 days after you receive your initial wholesale order. To be eligible to evaluate our CD, and have 30 days to return it if it doesn't meet your needs, we suggest you place a retail order though our cart. The retail price of our CD is $19.95. The retail price of our Tri-Pak (3 vials) is $9.00. For details, click on the Order Info link below.

To order a sample Home Spa Kit, if you are not ready to place a minimum wholesale order of $100, purchase one of our spa kits at retail from our shopping cart. Please tell us that you are ordering it as a sample, and we will deduct the difference between the retail and wholesale price from your initial wholesale order. You will have thirty (30) days from the ship date to inspect the merchandise and return it in "same as new" condition. For our Return & Exchange policy, click here.

Please contact us before ordering samples. Ordering our Sample Pack without authorization will cause your order to be canceled. See Product Samples (wholesale only) $9.95 on our order page, last drop down box.

   Instructions | Warning 

Keep aromatherapy products away from heat and direct sunlight. Store in a cool dark place; maximum 2 years. Keep bags of mineral salts in a cool dry place or they will liquefy. Use the vapor barrier, moisture barrier, reusable polypropylene bags we provide to keep our facial pillows fresher longer. Do not store our pillows containing flax seeds in plastic bags, closed containers or in a humid environment. Seeds need to breathe or they will sprout.
Our Just Relax ® and Sleep Naturally ® essential oil synergy blends should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. This warning appears on our bottles, on our trial size vial info cards, which also serve as info cards inside our home spa kits, and on the back of our aromatherapy note cards. 

Aromatherapy / essential oils should not be used by children under the age of three. Herbs and chemicals (prescription drugs) do not mix. Therefore, we ask that you to strongly discourage (stop) anyone who is presently taking prescription medications from either buying or using our synergy blends, unless they have used aromatherapy before and feel confident that there will be no ill side-effects when taken in conjunction with their meds. Note: Companies that offer deep discount prescription drug prices change manufacturers frequently. When the formulations are changed, the side effects also vary.

  Read before ordering 
 guarantee | return | exchange | disclaimer

   Export Policy  

Payment in full must accompany the order. Why? Because there is so much fraud when it comes to accepting credit cards from abroad. We would either have to receive payment in full in cash in our PayPal account before we release the goods -- or you would have to send your credit card payment to our PayPal account at relax2sleep@aol.com. PayPal would have to approve the transaction first, meaning that you would have to set up an account with PayPal, so that you would be an approved customer of theirs first. What that means to you is that you would need to give them your banking information, address, phone, and anything else that they may require in order to set up an account with them. You cannot simply send money. That way, if something goes wrong with the payment, PayPal will stand behind it, we will be protected by their Buyer Protection Plan, and we won't be out any money. We have used PayPal successfully for many years. They are very particular insofar as evaluating, approving and accepting or rejecting credit card orders, and approving or denying international transactions. PayPal takes all credit cards that are normally accepted and processed in the US. For more information about paying by credit card for your international order, go to www.paypal.com. If you are interested in importing and/or private labeling our Sleep Naturally ® aromatherapy formula, please contact us.

  Shipping Expense  

Customer pays actual shipping cost, except for wholesale promotions. No extra / hidden charges. If you order during a promotional period, shipping is either free or reduced.

  Drop Shipping  

From mid November through Christmas, when our time becomes more limited, we will not be able to open a drop ship account for you, since the process usually takes two weeks, unless your web site is already very popular, and you can prove to us by way of your stats that you have a lot of traffic, which hopefully means that there is a chance that we might get orders from your company during the Christmas season.

We have not requested any drop ship directories (which you may have paid to use) to list our site, nor have we given our permission to list us. One of these phony listings is on wholesaler.com. They used our URL and set up a fake extension: /export.htm. It is hard to locate these fake listings, and it's even harder, once we find them, to get these companies to take our listing down. Therefore, we ask that you kindly not write to us or call us, venting your frustration with us because of a false or misleading listing that you may have seen or purchased. GSPI's policy has always been to prohibit resellers from selling our products on eBay. Why? Our brick & mortar wholesale customers said they wouldn't buy from us. And although we listed a few of our products on eBay in June of 2015, as a test, in an attempt to provide us with an additional source of free advertising, and for brand name recognition, you may not list our products on eBay.

It takes us up to three (3) days to set up a new drop ship account. So unless you are willing and able to drive shoppers to your site, please do not apply for drop ship status. Once your account is opened, you will have one (1) year to prove yourself capable of selling our line, based on results. Selling is not passively putting some photos on your site and waiting for a buyer. See Suspension & Termination.

If your site (a) has already been built, (b) if it has the appropriate security features, so that shoppers will feel confident while ordering from your cart, (c) if it been online for at least one year -- exception: you are a brick & mortar retailer or a service provider, and you will be driving or directing customers, clients or patients to your site -- and (d) if you would like us to evaluate your site, please contact us. After a brief evaluation, if we agree to drop ship for you, we will request some or all of the following: 

               Part A:  Do not send us the info below until and unless we request it.

        1. Your legal name, first and last.
        2.  The name of your business.
        3.  Your Tax ID Number (corporations with a fictitious name).
        4.  The physical address where your business is conducted.
        5.  Your home and work phone numbers (if different).
        6.  Your URL / web address (only if your business is web based).
        7.  The ability to view the site now where our products will appear.

             Part B:
  Do not send credit card info unless part A has been approved.

        8.   Pay us at PayPal: cash, credit card, check (US bank). Username: relax2sleep@aol.com

(a) When account balance reaches $50: new accounts.
(b) When balance reaches $100: established accounts.
(c) When quarter closes, whichever comes first: b or c.
(d) Pmt is due in 10 days or we will charge your card.

How it works
Once you've been approved and our photos are on your site, if there were orders during the first quarter, as a new drop ship customer, you will be required to prepay before we ship. After your first quarter or your first order, whichever comes first, if there were sales, we'll send you an informal itemized recap by email for your review. If you need something more formal, like an invoice on our letterhead (a word doc), please let us know. You will have two (2) business days to respond. If we don't hear from you, we will automatically charge your credit card for the amount due us, making any necessary adjustments afterward.

Don't have a credit card?
If you have bad credit and don't qualify for a major credit card, or if your balance is so close to your limit most of the time that our charges are likely to be denied, you might think that you will be able to pay us after each sale using cash through PayPal. We don't want to be paid after each sale, and we don't want the money to go into our PayPal account. It needs to go directly into our checking account. Unless you have a major credit card, and you have some room on that card at all times for purchases, sorry, you don't qualify.

Evaluating your account
Once every 12 months we will evaluate the status of your account. If there has been no activity whatsoever, it's an indication to us that you do not work at promoting your site, or that our product line is simply not a match. In either case, we will suspend your account.

Drop shipping to third parties
If you are a distributor, and you would like us to ship our merchandise at wholesale directly to your customers as the orders come in from your sales reps, if the orders are relatively small, we will either charge your credit card or bill you shortly after the order is shipped. If you offer credit to your large retail customers, such as major hotel groups or established brick & mortar retail chains -- we would be happy to discuss credit terms.

Drop shipping fees
We will never charge you a handling fee, administrative fee, annual membership fee, or tack on any other hidden charges. What you'll receive is a percentage of every sale you make when you sell our merchandise. The amount of commission you make depends upon our costs.

Adding our photos to your web site
Once we receive your responses to items 1 through 8 above, after we have had an opportunity to review them, if we agree to drop ship for you, and if you would like to add our photos to your web site, please DO NOT COPY OURS. Let us know and we will send you, as the last step in the enrollment process, JPEGs without text, SKUs, logo, etc. 

Copying our web pages
You may not copy the web pages from our site in their entirety, adding them to your web site as is. You may not copy and use our banner, located at the top of most (if not all) of our web pages, containing our logo. You may not use the same sand-colored textured beige background on our web pages in combination with our images on your web site. Your webmaster should already have developed a look, style, feel and color palate for your web site that expresses your company's image. Copying any of our artwork, outside of posting our photos on your site (with our permission, of course), is grounds for immediate termination.

How to qualify as a drop ship vendor
If you intend to sell any of our merchandise online, you must: (1) be an established US based company; (2) if you operate under a fictitious name, you must have a valid federal Tax ID Number; or (3) if you are a resident of a foreign county, your web site must be registered in the United States; (3) have a way to pay us that is easy, fast and low cost; either via PayPal (bank debit, American Express card) or with another major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), which can be processed through our merchant account; and (4) business and banking references. Note: we may or may not ask for these.

You must presently have a web site that we can see and evaluate, to determine whether your vision and our mission are a match. Perhaps you are a healthcare practitioner (doctor, licensed massage therapist, chiropractor, nutritionist, psychotherapist, etc.), or a healthcare provider (hospital, clinic, medical spa, etc.) with a focus on natural health and wellness. Perhaps your site features specialty gifts, greeting cards or handcrafted items, or you own or manage a small upscale hotel or a bed and breakfast. You have an online store that is part of an upscale shopping mall, such as Yahoo or Amazon, or you manage or own a direct mail catalog. Whatever the situation, please share it with us, or better yet, show it to us, and we'll be happy to consider it, as long as you meet our criteria.

Auction and deep discount web sites
If your only purpose in contacting us is to make extra cash in your spare time by listing our merchandise on an auction or deep discount web site or closeout store, forget it; we're not interested. Doing so after our relationship has begun is cause for immediate termination.

Once our relationship has begun, you may not enter into any short or long-term contracts, placing our product photos in magazines, newspapers, catalogs or the like without our express written permission. Do not add our photos to or attempt to sell our merchandise on another other web site (other than yours), unless you obtain permission from us in writing. Any arms-length relationship that Gail Seymour Productions, Inc. / GSPI dba Just Relax... ® may enter into with you and/or your company in a drop ship capacity shall constitute neither an express nor an implied contract. Said relationship may be terminated by either party (you, us) at any time without notice. If another company sees our merchandise on your site, and asks you for a wholesale quote (a bid), you must not attempt to give them one, thereby appearing that you represent us, or by negotiating a sale on our behalf. Please refer the inquiry to us instead. You may qualify to receive a referral fee.

Termination of drop ship status
Because so many web sites want us to drop ship our eco-friendly and all natural / organic spa type products for them -- and since so few of our drop ship customers actually put forth enough effort to sell anything of ours -- unless your company has ordered at least one item from us within a calendar year, starting on the date that your account was opened, it will be suspended and ultimately closed.
You will be notified by email and/or phone that your account is suspended, and that it is about to close. Approximately thirty (30) days after receiving the suspension notification, you will be notified again that your account is closed. To keep your account active for one additional year, simply place a wholesale order: $100.00 minimum, or order something at retail through our cart: $9.00 minimum. To reinstate your account after the close date, there is a $25 reactivation fee. You will have six (6) months after the close date to reactivate your account, after which time you must take down our photos and any other information about our products.

Retail stores & distributors
You will take orders from our Reseller's Spa Gift Sets catalog sheet. We can ship to your store for customer pickup, or ship customer-direct.

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 Business Coach

Are you starting or growing a small business? Do you need some help? Click here to read Gail's bio, or call Gail Seymour, MSA, small business coach, for a free brief evaluation, at 561-499-0044 during regular business hours, 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday thru Saturday, ET. When your time is up, if you want to continue, you will be asked to schedule and pre-pay for business consulting. For rates, click here.

  Referral Program 

Don't own a web site? No problem. If you can talk you can earn money with us by referring customers to our site. Sign up as an affiliate and give your affiliate number to everyone you meet who you tell about our site. Unlike network marketing, you won't have to buy anything, there are no monthly sales quotas to meet before you can receive you commissions, you won't have to sign up anyone else, and you won't be an order taker. Want a supply of our spa kit catalog sheets? We'll sell them to you at our cost: $.20 ea.

  Sales Reps Wanted 

We are  beginning to create relationships with independent contractors who will show our merchandise in person and take orders for us; commission only. We are interested in having our products featured at day spas -- there are presently more than 8,500 day spas nationwide -- gift, natural health and candle shops; independent bath and bedding stores (not the chains); pharmacies and shopping mall kiosks; to religious organizations and other nonprofits as fundraisers, at women's organizations, professional associations and community service groups; by bridal consultants to their clients; at holistic health offices, medical and chiropractic clinics and hospital gift shops; at health fairs, craft fairs and gift shows.... and we've just scratched the surface. For more info, please contact us.


We consign our manufactured Just Relax...CD to established music distributors worldwide.

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