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Just Relax ® yoga meditation spa gift sets / yoga home spa kits evolved out of the demand for yoga and meditation products in the US. Yoga and meditation have become popular natural methods of promoting relaxation, stress relief, safe natural sleep and pain management for the tens of millions of Americans suffering from life threatening diseases and common health ailments, such as insomnia, as well as for those interested in prevention and wellness. People who never studied comparative religion, who do not consider themselves to be spiritual beings, are taking yoga classes, buying yoga DVDs, and learning to meditate. 30+ years ago, when the holistic (whole person) health movement was in its infancy in the US, people who practiced yoga and meditation were labeled "airy fairy" and worse Today, allopathic / conservative physicians, chiropractors and psychologists recommend yoga and meditation to their patients to relieve migraine headaches, chronic backaches, depression and other "psycho-somatic" -- psycho: mental / emotional + soma / somatic: the physical body -- maladies, where standard medical practice, as well as OTC & prescription drugs, are ineffective, or to compliment traditional health modalities. © 2011 GSPI | Gail Seymour, MSA, past Communications Vice-President, Association for Holistic Health, President, GSPI dba Just Relax ®. About us / home

  • The 3 yoga meditation ohm box labels below can, upon request, replace our standard and deluxe (not seasonal / red) spa kit box labels. Special order, n/c. To view our spa kits catalog, click here.
  • For info about how we can customize our yoga meditation box labels (or any of our spa kit box labels) for your business, affordably in low quantities, click here.

Other / Misc

Drifting to Sleep | ohm1
Replaces any of our Standard or Deluxe home spa kit / spa gift set
box labels. For more info go to Spa Kits Catalog.

yoga meditation spa gif set / home spa kit box label; ohm 1

Gable box colors: French blue, purple | Eye pillow: blue with yellow dots | pillow
options: purple shells, blue-purple dots, any stock print | Jute bag: purple, natural

ohm1 yoga spa gift set

New Beginnings | ohm2
Replaces any of our Standard or Deluxe home spa kit box / spa gift set
box labels. For more info, go to Spa Kits Catalog.

yoga meditation home spa kit / spa gift set box label; ohm 2

Box colors: French blue, purple, yellow, sage green | Jute bag: purple, green,
natural, special order | Eye pillow: blue & purple w/ circles; any stock print

ohm2 yoga spa gift set

Classic Sunset | ohm3
Replaces any of our Standard or Deluxe home spa kit / spa gift set
box labels. For more info, go to Spa Kits Catalog.

yoga meditation spa gift set / home spa kit box label; ohm 3

Box colors: yellow, oatmeal | Special order: multi swirl (below); white |
Eye pillow: yellow butterflies, multi floral, any stock print | Bag: natural

ohm3 yoga spa gift set

Custom Yoga Box Labels

Custom box labels (wholesale)
Believe it or not, you can actually afford to design a custom, personalized home spa kit to promotes your yoga / meditation classes, yoga / meditation workshops, yoga / meditation events, or your organization or business, with a custom label on the box. Minimum wholesale order: only $100 = 4 spa kits. By using one of our graphics, and adding ohm / om symbols to it -- or by adding your text and/or your logo to our box label -- it's not as difficult -- or as expensive as you think. Whatever your needs, please let us know.

Fancy gable boxes / market trays
In addition to our solid and pinstripe gable boxes, we can order you decorative boxes like the one below; minimum 6. Fancy gable boxes are far more expensive than the plain. If you want to use a fancy box, we will omit our box label(s). Too many colors and conflicting patterns and the box will look unattractive. Another option is market trays.

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